Soundout Review – Kamen Rider W – W Form Change Series Part 1

hello this is sound out here and welcome to the WFC review I have all six wseas I've reviewed five of them but I don't think I've reviewed them well enough so I'm thinking hey why not just reira view the ones that reviewed and put in a new review at the end I certainly go over things in more detail and now that I'm a better reviewer than I was in the past well I can show you everything that needs to be and we're going to get started right now so here is WFC 0-1 common Eider double cyclone joker form this is a common or doubles default form and as you can see okay then there's a package that's got kind of a cyclone Joker extreme thing of this whites part in the center but it is still normal cyclones joke didn't till for the tabs on the top a nice picture of the figure there which is heavily like the real figures a lot different in certain ways a onc cyclone cyclone body Joker body with the specific with the images a little bit on the side I'm bottom get the another pose Sam up here cyclone Joker on the back get all kinds of Japanese text down here so you can see here there's you know cyclone Joker punching kicking there is it doing Joker extreme which is the only the only double figures I actually pull that off surprisingly compatible FF our final form ride from decade so those things didn't sell well apparently and you got when you get all three of the four when you get the first three figures you get two cyclone Joker cyclone metal cyclone sugar heat metal heat Joker heat trigger luna trigger keep Lena Joker and Luna metal so it's nine forms three figures you're pretty good deal so anyway let's open this up the only way I know how to and that is by henshin there we go cyclone Joker is coming under doubles primary form colored green in black and his access from the cyclone and joker memories in this forms double kit doubles kicks are provide power by wind increasing the damage and adding cutting potential this one's maximum Drive finisher is a rider kick called the joker extreme dragon which trainee control tornado lifts coming and don't one for the Eric before double body splits down the middle as the halves reach their target and drop kick fashion a variation of this attack involves Condor double jumping off the back of the wheel of them off the back wheel of common render axles bike form allowing faster acceleration upon descent we'll talk about that later anyway here is cyclone Joker WFC figure you know what it's actually pretty nice it's not extra accurate like the figure works version is but I haven't really seen a double that looks exactly like the show the figure washes off this one you know it's pretty good as you can see not compound eyes but there's got these nice reflectiveness similar to reference to my previous one of my previous reviews the den columns from coming later denno had that nice reflectiveness to them so that all works well and it's it's all good but yeah so as you can see every little detail painted down here you got all the different cuff and shoulder and chest designs for the different memories that are used even on the back is pretty good with the belt latch there and you get the scarf too which is removable by the way and it comes separate in the package and it did come separate into two parts no show that later oh yeah very nice-looking as you can see the double driver is painted very well it is kind of offset from the body a little bit but it's it's pretty good and instead of the lights down here being colored the memorator colored which is a bonus because that's why I didn't like about the figure Ward's was mainly the memories and then the elbow joints and the knee joints were the wrong colors but they had painted these two parts but not very cleanly so yeah but you know you get the idea it's pretty good now unfortunately because he splits down the middle everything here is just about static except they did figure out a way to put neck articulation in which is a giant plus as you can see he's got 360 shoulders outward shoulder movement also got elbow joint he's also got a rotation above the elbow a wrist rotation and then he's got his a finger articulation like many show chokku tensions before him also ball jointed hips and if you play a force it will pop off like that and a little difficult to get on knees bent at 90 degrees and they rotate then also the ankles on a ball joint again enough force will pop it off so yeah now the cool part is the head joint I think it doesn't move a lot but you can still get upward angle movement you can make it go this way you tilt it side to side it's got this nice little this joint and it's not like the head separating when you turn it it also got a neck joint that will allow you to do this so yeah very cool also I forgot to mention this the maximum dry slot is nicely moulded onto the belt there which is very cool so the main gimmick of the first four WFC s so that they could split in half and interchange it's actually pretty neat anyway split and half here as you can see you've got two holes here and then you got two pegs here so yeah that you can't just take two – no they can't go opposite and and try to hook up like some people I guess wish could they could do spazzing see here now you can tell this is where you can access everything to open it up you can also tell this is how the neck joint works it's on so they get this right it's long like a rotating plate which is a very neat design I'm quite impressed with it now same on this side except these two parts here and on all the Philips sides they do have the little crystal and then the the shelter Oh sides have yeah indentation for that edge clips ripe together and it's all nice and good so yeah and if you want to you could make your own custom cyclone cyclone joker joker by making a joker cyclone if you just painted it right which i did buy a second one of these so I can be better in the future sorry double so I can do that in the future I'm not quite done with as I'm still trying to figure out which paints will work at the best but yeah that's coming up in the future and I'm probably gonna make a video on it when I'm done but yeah so this is the first one he again a trial runs good these are for the fact that really the first three were a trial run because well they all came out the exact same time but overall this one I would highly recommend it if you will have a bunch of show chocolate pensions or you have you can't find the double figure art and can find this guy he's certainly worth it there's not he's not horrible or crappy he's actually pretty cool and that's what I gotta say for all of them but yeah enough talk about this form we gotta move on to some other things right now now the second release which was released the exact same time as the first is heat metal form as you can tell it is now red and silver with the white stripe as opposed to green and black heat body metal body isn't see a nice little picture of the figure there with nice little detailing and the image which is the same on the bottom and the heat metal again you can see there's heat side there's metal side on the back you get poses of him doing the metal branding FFR contamination same little picture there by this text yeah not much else it's not very different from the last packaging but you know what that's without further ado so here's the heat metal figure well first just come with extra accessories he has the metal shaft in the storage mode and in the longer mode with a nice little grip handle so you can combine the two together oh no anyway this just plugs in on this hole here and of note you can pull the cyclone scarf into the heat side if you so desire but why would you want to do that I don't know but yeah heat metals second form used by counter double first appearing in the decade movie all writers versus dye shocker it's colored red and silver and accessed with the heat and metal memories and my metal number is apparently faulty because it's not kind of shooting for me in this form damage from the metal shaft is increased by fire common tactic used by doubles to turn around while changing this form using a little shaft on back to block it ending the attacks the forms maximum Drive finishers and metal branding causing one or both ends of the metal shaft Eagle ignite on fire to deliver a final blow to the opponent the variation of this tack is the steam metal branding which is uses which is the use of the axles engine blade and that was only used in the hyper battle TV but yeah so there you go that's pretty much all there is to know about this forum I didn't see if I just pull this in real quick same mold but what they did was they made these parts here removable so that way they could change it out and these parts are a separate piece – hello cyclone Joker being a camera hog anyways so yeah it's got new cuffs on the places getting the graphs is chest with the heat memory and the metal memory are now painted maximum tress lot like normal even though the swarm never uses it but yeah same somewhere detail there is some odd things in the metal side I don't really know what that is but yeah now you can see the metal shaft is on the back and you know very nice overall it has the exact same articulation as cyclone Joker's of course you can remove the metal shaft off the back or leave it on if you're not accurate and you can attach the metal shaft to so you can use it actually go this way say you can let the I completely forgot to show this but see see it's got full length with the memory actually inserted which is a nice little touch very similar thing here as a peg on the back so you can't have him activate the maximum drive where he's holding it out or you can actually have him looking like he's activating it by putting memory in so that is very nice that they put that detail in also have you take it out of the hand there you can grip you can have him grip the things here if you don't have his arm all turned around and he can hold the metal shaft the more traditional way like that see ya very cool not not much else to say he's a neat he's a neat little figure now he is the same price as cyclone Joker is he worth more because he has more accessories in ways yes but yeah he has one more accessory than doubled with the scarf County as an accessory or cycling Joker sorry but I it's I don't know it just doesn't have the same kind of appeal that cyclone yoke reform has I just like the design a cyclone Joker a lot better than heat metal but you know in a fair reason he's not worth it as much because he just doesn't have the appeal or the presence unless you're going to get all the double figures or at least the first three wseas you can probably skip this guy if you're just a main writer collector or writer collector without extra forms then your polish want to go for double or cyclones over double and just skip this guy but anyway without further ado we got some combo changing to do now the main gimmick of a line of course is to be able to interchange the forms now of course because we only have two figures we can't interchange too much but we can air change a couple here so we're just going to use and save time let's use let's go ahead with and please don't fail me this time cyclone metal is a green and silver colored half change access through the cyclone and metal memories in this form double can wheel the metal shaft by means the metal memories power winds swung the metal shaft creates blades land by the means cyclone memory this forms maximum Drive finishers the metal twister where double spins around while swinging the metal shaft covered in an ro of wind let's combo change again into the other former allowed to make or actually possible here we have heat joker Pete Joker's the first half changed form used by common era double when he appears when they come in their decade film colored red and black and it's access through the heat and joker memories in this form double can throw flaming punches by means of the heat memories powers this forms maximum Drive finisher as a rider punch called that you have heard grenade during which commoner double somersaults in the midair then heat Joker's body splits down the middle during this sense as the Hat halves move each hit the target with elementally energized hooks now the third installment in the WFC line is common matter double luna trigger form this form is the the third installment really it's the same as cyclone Joker in heat metal it's also the first Japanese figure I was ever to body so yeh as you can see it's got Luna by trigger body with trigger down the middle here dividing combine which I've neglected to point out in every package holding the trigger Magnum Luna Tory got anyway on the back here you can see gets activating trigger full burst you got holding the trigger Magnum just kind of counting up your crimes I guess standing there final for my capability and we'll be seeing the rest of these in this next segment without further ado let's get it's this figures review started with these memories now lunar trigger is the form that first appears in the tone is a form that first appears in the television series is a golden or yellow in some cases and blue form access from the Luna and sugar memories in this form doubles trigger Magnum is able to fire gold and blue bolts second curve and track targets as forms as maximum Drive finishers that trigger full burst which fires multiple charging common shots the enemy cool anyway speaking of the Sugar Magnum you doing get to with this this figure you gets the normal one which is mainly rapid fire shots and such with the double painted only on one side and maximum drive mode since there was that be really tough to engineer of this sliding down enough and all that but yeah there's the two of them so yeah very cool now figure wise all it's cyclone Joker with new paint and new molding here and there with the trigger cuffs and the luna truck cuffs there's not much else to say aside from the new molding all you get is the to trigger magnums for uniqueness but you know what it's pretty cool I must say I was happy with this it was the first figure I got ever from Japan I mean I hadn't gotten any previous but yeah there he is he can be looked cool and just like yeah I got again run anyway yeah there's not much else to say after a while these figures do start repeating he hand hold the the maxilla drive and she don't feel like putting it in just extra time so now for simplicity sake we're going to start with the combinations these two guys will make well of course we have let's go is a green and blue half change access to the cyclone and sugar memories in this form double wheels of sugar magnified means of the trigger memories powers it will shoot high compressed air by means of the cycling members powers this forms maximum Drive figure is the trigger arrow Buster firing multiple shots of pressurized air at the enemy so the second comma chain or second form change you could run make with these guys is jokers the first half change form use by double within the series of golden black colored form access to aluminum joker memories in this form SS the ability stretches right limbs by means of the Luna memories powers this one's maximum Drive finisher is a writer chopped called bull joker strange during which learn checker splits down the middle moon 1/2 makes 4 copies of itself in all 5 and a half's executes rapid fire critique shops to the target and then the Joker nap strikes us hard with energy power chop sounds pretty epic doesn't it so you're probably asking well what's left two more forms that is so using some clever memory action trigger is ready blue card half change access of the heat and sugar memorize in this form double wheel to trigger magnum by means of the trigger memories powers and shoots fire blast by the means of the heat memory powers this one's maximum Drive finishers the trigger explosion which fires a single constant stream of fire that completely melts the enemy heat Reuters the only form double that has attempted to perform a twin maximum which the trigger Magnum blasts out a massive fireball they incinerate anything in his path they accept the weather don't want and now the final form you can make from the the first three WS CS is golden silver coloured half change access to Luna metal memories in this form double can reveal the metal shaft by means of the memories power he's in the blue new memories abilities to use like a whip this forms maximum Drive finish at the middle illusion or double spins of metal shaft around to create golden rings that float around double before unleashing them apart on target all at once why do I have the feeling oh this hinge it was inspired by this guy's max boom Drive now the first three WF C's are certainly worth it to get just on their own you can interchange online forms with only three figures and you're only paying for three figures not nine figures I so I feel sorry for figure we're collectors anyways these guys are great go ahead and get him if you see him somewhere I would totally recommend them but we're not done we're only halfway done with this line so it's time to add some to this review

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