Soundout Review – SH Figuarts – Kamen Rider 2 (Shin Nigo Version)

you today we continue our look at the showa era Kamen Riders SH figuarts releases this time with kamen rider 2 comma 2 debuted in the original combinative series after kamen rider one left to fight shocker which had spread to the rest of the world and after that writer to each Amon G hi Otto took over the role of kamen rider to defend japan so of course we were taking a look at two common writer too as the second writer in the series because he is kamen rider too it's literally in his name he is the second writer now common arch is relatively similar to commented one in power set and design but he is different in character each jumanji hi Otto is a lot different than home go Takashi and common rotor to did come into fight shocker after writer one need to travel to Europe to fight the evils of shocker in that country right or two is a try to protect in Japan for quite a while until writer one appeared again and then they became the double writers now will be taking a look at the SH figuarts release of comander 22 in his shin nigo form and that of course is very similar to the chin Ichigo former powered up form that was received later in the series and is what is used in the crossover movies now this one has the head that is similarly cloud to shine Ichigo as opposed to the darker colored version that some specials and TV the crossovers have done but without further day let's look at come in order to how rights taking a look at Cumnor to shinny go it is very similar to shine Ichigo and that the difference mainly is the gloves and boots are red instead of silver and they stripe along the side of the body is a single stripe as opposed to a double stripe always a bit confusing whiny go you know writer too had a single strap while Ichigo rider one had a double stripe whatever the reason is i'm sure there is one it does have it is distinctive to each writer so with that said quality control wise I do have this problem of this leg joint if you notice every time I set this guy down put them in a like this like joint is kind of loose his hip right here it is very loose and it's been that way since I got the figure I really hope that's been corrected on the recent rerelease of shinny go uh but yeah it is a slight problem but other than that the figure does look fantastic it is the same head sculpt as as as shinichi go writer one there really isn't a whole lot new to this figure outside of the boot and glove color and the stripe the style and slight accessory change he is relatively the same yes the same reticulation he has the same pretty much has the same accessories he is relatively the same figure so why would you want to get a figure that's mostly the same well because it is a different character and writer to hear is all brighter too he has a different engine pose you know you can pull off his engine pose they've made sure the articulation allows for that which is fantastic because you know make sure the articulation in hands match or else your sh figuarts Augie to not being able to pull off any pose so accessories wise what does he have in terms of hand shin ego has the same handset as writer one except he does get an extra thumb curled in opposing hand for his henshin pose now unfortunately he does not come with anything else aside from well a scarf piece and a duplicate of the writer kick effect piece that came with writer one no new shocker weapon that would have been nice so here's the question what is the purpose to SH figuarts writer to from everything we've seen so far he is writer one with new glove and boot color and has an extra and what is lacking a shocker weapon really from an action figure standpoint he's not as good as writer one because he doesn't have as many poses because they didn't have that chakra weapon but at the same time he is as good as writer one because he's the same exact figure this is the thing the early designs for writers one and two they're very similar and the SH figuarts though would have been nice if we could have gotten need the darker writer to helmet as an alternate head as soon as far as a Astro switch it would have been nice to see this as a fig you are because currently don't believe if that head is available as an alternate head for this guy so I felt like that would have made him a little bit more distinctive as you could have had him have a different helmet color but other than that he is basically writer to writer one with different gloves and shred color so who would I recommend this to all that said this is an instant pick up for fans of ichiban jakaya too but outside of that with a comment or the fam went to get this well if you try to collect every kamen rider release every main writer he's definitely a necessity for that but what makes this guy really special what makes him a figure art worth having well you kind of need to have writer one to complete the team because writer too is at his best when he's teamed up with writer one in terms of action figures purely if you have both of these guys things get a little more awesome doubled ride a kick this is the reason you get kamen rider to its to do cool things with writer one now while kamen rider 2 is his own character in his own right basically hi after you chew on g is cool hongo taki she is cool the two of them teaming up together is the most awesome thing but all these years later it's so cool to see the double writers back to fight evil again so by no means is common reader to a bad SH figure art in fact he's quite great because he is based on the shin Ichigo body mold now that they have released an old version of writer to which does have a new head sculpt my dad and I would recommend that one if you're wanting a little more variety to your Ichigo knee go but if you want a writer to to compliment a writer one get Shen you go to go Shane Ichigo simple as that these are the double riders as we see them today and I feel as if the shin forms are their most recognizable now writer too like I said has been released separately again two matches new cyclone getting a separate release you do not have to get the new cyclone to get neyo don't like to do that get Ichigo now but i would recommend to get him especially if you do like right or two more than writer one I know there are people out there that are like that and it is still a good figure it just may be a little bit one more limited than you Ichigo but what I read really recommend don't split up the double writers keep them together as the double riders really work best as being to figure arts working together as opposed to one standing alone and honestly it's how I recommend buying them get both Ichigo and neega whether it's the two old versions or the toosh inversions I feel as though owning one without the other is just kind of wrong and you shouldn't do that definitely get both Ichigo and you go in whatever form you wish overall writer too is a great figure arts and especially with writer one it makes two of the coolest figures that are on my shelf and stay tuned is next week we'd be looking at the very victorious kamen rider comin right up v3 until then it's a sin debt saying goodbye

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