TheNewSam Reviews: Kamen Rider OOO Series – DX Birth Driver

how's everybody doing it's the new Sam coming at you today with another kamen rider toit review and today we're going to review something I just picked up the DX birth driver from Kamen Rider ohs so now that further ado let's get to work so here's the birth driver connected to a modified belt that I've made for myself but this isn't exactly the most flattering view so give me a second and I'll put the belt part itself onto my on a matter of you table so here we have the buckle all in its own and it is a pretty fantastic design I gotta say it's probably one of my favorite secondary rider belts out there right now it's got a whole lot of great detail on it I really like all the designs in and amongst here the nice clear plastic bubble to go with the gash on motif that common right at birth is known for it's got some great gold trim with nice little inlaid etchings and whatnot it's got a really big really awesome gold chrome spinning crank wheel thing it's just got an amazing silver paint job to some of the stuff like the slot up here and the rest is actually just sort of plastic I think yeah the rest is just little plastic just not this not this slot black on here and up at the top like I said we've got the slot we've got the speaker and right here we've got the power switch on the back got some nice detailing even though that's the part that nobody's really going to be looking at it's even got this right here on the battery cover which looks a bit like a Cell metal and nice metallic red arrow showing you which way to turn the turn the crank on the bottom of the colors just continue to to go until we hit the other color of plastic here so yeah it's very cool quite alright looking before we turn it on and check it all out let's take a look at some of these Selma so that came with it came with two of them you've got the connie or the crab as well as the Sasori the scorpion I quite prefer the Sasori personally but that's just that's just me so we'll turn it on see we got going here you turn it on you get a nice confirmation sound and the LED in the in the center of the belt does light up briefly so all of the electronics are activated by inserting a cell metal or other metal or anything really so long as it hits the right spot in there into the slot maybe you don't even actually have to use the metals like I could use say this rifle and push it in and it would activate the sound effects as well but I'm not going to do that because I'm showing off the toy and the stuff it came with so we use the cell metals alright so we put a metal in see what happens so you get the sound of the coin dropping in you get this loud stand by sound and the LED inside cycles through the various colors and hoses combos to some reason turning the crank you get the henshin sound that lovely as the as the capsule splits open and then the LED continues to blink until a little while later in which case the belt will then shut itself down but before we let it do that let's go through the functions so taking the cell metal back out you could I could actually leave it in there and toss the other one in they do stack there's enough room for two in there but we'll activate the first one close this back up because it's just so much more fun having that popping sound when this thing actually pops open put the summit Lynn no standby noise for activating any of the any of the parts but so there's drill armed and we have the blue LED illuminating the inside of the belt breast cannon we get a little sound of a shot firing and that's giving us the red LED crane arm with some mechanical noises and a green LED cutter wing with some flying sounds and some slicing sounds shovel armed with some nice mechanical shovel sounds and an orange LED which is I think a mixture of the red and the yellow now finally caterpillar leg and the center of the belt is now lighting up purple so that's almost all of the functions there is one more wherein we can use both cell metals to initiate a cell bursts or you can use one and just put it in a bunch of times like sticking the top and just keep pushing it not all the way through but just kind of you know either way but we'll do it with two since we've got two here and while putting both could both good use close that back up you get the standby noise again and it maintains the color of the last light that you used so I'm going that I'm going now to let this thing shut itself down and we'll see how long it takes alright so it shut itself down it takes almost a minute just a little under a minute for it to actually shut down like that and like metals back out and the belt is now back in a dormant state no amount of you know all right it's almost the same as if we had it off if we put one of these back in it will restart the henshin sequence but that's pretty much it so final thoughts in the belt pretty cool I'm glad I got it I am pretty glad to now have some cell medals I didn't have any of these before probably gonna have to get the birth Buster so that I can have some more and also to go with the belt but thing is at the price that was going for on like eBay and some online retailers and stuff like that I wasn't really too keen on getting it it is a really cool piece but I don't think it was worth the 65 asking price that most people had that said though a little while ago not too long ago in fact hobby like Japan had a clearance sale and I picked this thing up for about 25 bucks so for what I paid for it I think it is a fantastic toy it is pretty awesome I like the way it sits on me after i modded the belt I mean I'm a pretty big guy but it's a nice bulky buckle so it doesn't it doesn't feel too doesn't feel too small on me and you know what I have liked a little more functionality not really you know what I like what I've like the ability to pick which sounds come out in which order maybe but you know what I mean all the bass sounds of the driver are there and it's you know it's pretty cool so if it's still on I don't know if it's still on hobby like Japan for the clearance price but if you can find it at around that price and you're a fan of kamen rider birth or just common right arose in general or you just want to get your hands on some cell medals and a nice little belt go for it i mean 25 bucks you can't argue with that kind of price for something like this so it comes highly recommended and i guess we'll see you guys all neck time i'm going to be reviewing the other stuff I got in my order along with this so i will see you then

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