TheNewSam Reviews: Kamen Rider W – Super Best Double Driver

greetings ladies and gentlemen of the Internet it is the new Sam coming at you today with a kamen rider toy review this is a review of wanted to do for a long time and I'm glad to finally be able to bandai japan we have the super best tension belt reissue of kamen rider doubles DX double driver so here's the box for the double driver pointing out that it does in fact come with all six of doubles main guy memories as such on the top it's got a shot of the various different forms that it can take got some nice green chrome stuff up here coming around the side we've got cyclone Joker heat metal and lunar trigger on the back how to use the belt and what each memory does form wise as well as calling up the maximum drive slot and all that other fun stuff the other side we got just a nice shot of cyclone Joker and on the bottom a shot of all the memories onto the belt itself here we have the double driver nice detailing all around the belt strap I'll collapse top on me here maximum drive slot and the buckle the buckle itself very cool I really like the paint work on it it's got some nice metallic red silver a little bit of gold for the Joker side of things well Joker trigger and you know metal but still it's a nice gloss black a really little clear plastic bit down here with what appears to be either frosted or partially silver-painted clear plastic on the inside I can't quite tell I'd have to take it apart to find out what it really is a couple of clear plastic windows on the on the slots here and open just like this making both sides move it once they do move they don't move independently of each other they move together the belt buckle itself detaches here clips in there it doesn't detach on this side you can pull it out from here in fact it came like that but anyway once it's in there it's in there pretty good back to the belt continues band eyes trend of having all manner of crazy mechanical details on the back of the belt which is a part you're not really going to be looking at detailing on the maximum drive slot itself very nice that nice little wires running down here a nice w there on the button and it's previously stated unlike the original which came with cyclone heat Luna and Joker memories the super best has the added bonus of coming with metal and trigger so seen the belt and we've seen the memories shall we see what they do let's start with the classic to stand by noises because each memory makes so noise and both lights fade in for a brief period of time making a nice little blended light effect there and they kind of turn off after a couple seconds very cool I love the fact that each memory makes its own individual sounds through its own speakers so you can have overlapping sound effects something that's missing from a lot of belts as the base double form let's go for the next one again a nice overlapping of sounds and lights last of his main forms definitely by comparison to that yellow light the blue of trigger is really overwhelming but still very cool so if the main forms out of the way shall we do some variations ha Oh Oh and as an added bonus of course it works with any other guy I memories that you might have on hand so let's give this one a try shall we good old skull of course anybody who's watched Kamen Rider double knows that that's not where the fun with guy memories ends because we still have the maximum drive slot using any of the memories included with the belt you can initiate a maximum drive attack although some work better than others we'll start with cyclone a charge up sound and by hitting the w you get your attack noise now one thing I've noticed is that this belt is recycling a couple of sounds from Kabuto for example the sound of pulling a guy memory out is the same sound of if I recall correctly pulling the Kabuto sector off the belt and the very beginning of cyclone Luna and heats charge up sounds for their for their maximum drives is the same start as the cast off for Cavuto anyway up next probably the most used one now this one because it was meant to be used with the metal shaft when you when you initiate the maximum drive you actually get a sound of a staff weapon whirling and then an appropriate attacks out afterward finally we have now this one just like skull with which I covered in my skull review because it's meant to be used with a roleplay gun the same as the cell Magnum this does not have its own attack sound as the sound is made by the gun that it originally came with so just like with the skull memory all we're gonna get as a click but we still get our charge up sound so man is that high pitch like I said just like with skull just a click and why not skull over here we already know we'll get the click but hey still so this concludes my review of the super best henshin belt DX DevilDriver all in all this is a really great belt really glad to have it doubles belt is probably about my second favorite writer belt ever first being decades belt and that's why it's the first one that ever got I may get around to doing a review of that one eventually but we'll see how that goes anyway I'm really happy that this version came with all six memories also happy that this one is not the Korean version because if anybody's watched any reviews of the Korean version I just can't stand the sound of those memories I mean you know that's the kicker right there you know not ruder but anyway I probably did a terrible impression of that I don't really care plus the best thing is it was reasonably inexpensive to get ahold of you know by comparison to what my comparison to what has been going for an ebay I've seen that I've seen the original release of the Japanese double driver go for upwards of two hundred and fifteen dollars on ebay before and that's absolutely atrocious this one I got for shipped it was about a hundred and thirty bucks which I can live with it's still a bit high in my opinion but I can live with it if anybody can find this thing for that price or cheaper and they're a big fan of double or just a big fan of kamen rider in general or they want to get started on a gaia memory collection go for it these things are incredibly awesome I really do enjoy it and it comes highly recommended by me so that's it for this one and I'll see you again whenever I have something else cool to review actually that's a lie of got a lot of cool stuff to review so I'll be looking at all that sometime in the near future know that I've got my camera issues sorted out and we'll catch you guys next time

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