TheNewSam Reviews: SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Shin Ichigo

hey guys just a note before this video starts I recorded it a little while ago and apparently I was dealing with more technical difficulties and a lot less sleep than I had originally anticipated so I apologize in advance for the quality it's not my best which is disappointing because the figure I'm reviewing and it is actually a really great toy but anyway so just bear that in mind as you watch the video and also there's a bit at the end where I say you might not hear from me for a while because I'm packing up to move well the packing is mostly completed the moving hasn't quite happened yet but it will shortly and obviously you guys are still hearing from me so yeah just pay that bit no mind and of course as I'm ever so fond of saying roll the title sequence hello everybody welcome back it's the new Sam coming at you with another SH figure arts video review and this time we are going to be looking at the last of the four that I got I may eventually get more but i'm broke right now so we'll see how that goes anyway sh figuarts kamen rider shin hu go the first thing you'll notice right off the bat is that the packaging is considerably different from the standard as will show RX here for comparison names still written down the side but unlike this it's not the silver box no black-and-white photograph instead it's replaced with art the SH figuarts logo is here instead of up here the description is still in the same spot the name is in a much more fancy box than just a little black box logo still in the right spot the side where this simply has the name this has got the SH figure arts it's got the description again a photo of the actual figure the name again written down here and a couple of silver stripes running down the black probably to represent the silver stripes running down the sides of each ghost costume on that side name down there SH figuarts description setting up their top of the box you've got your name your sh figuarts description again bottom of the box you've got that fancy little box with the kamen rider shin hu go written in there again with the warnings back in the box is where we've got our poses as usual so we've got one shot of them just standing there next to a shot of him with the scarf down to show the scarf is in fact movable this one rider kicking detailing the effect part that he comes with and of course finally henshin pose so let's take a look at what he comes within the train we get our first glimpse of what this guy has to offer the figure itself obviously the effect part for the rider cake with a nice boot shape right in there the second wind blown version of the scarf which can pop right on instead of this sword one hand for the henshin pose to open hands for I guess rider chopped or you know whatever two holding hands for the sword to grasping groping raging hands and the figure of course as a standard fist Sun so out of the tray without making the hands go everywhere for once getting better and i'll talk about so here's ego and all of his glory and all of his wonderfully painted details and everything quick comparison with h go from common right of the first so you can get a feel of you know how much more retro the original costume really is well i shouldn't see the original costume his newer costume for his later appearances but still it's based on the original costume anyway figure itself very nicely done first thing i noticed pulling him out however is his feet are instead of having you know mass amounts of swivels like like the other sh figuarts have looked at his are actually just on a ball joint so to a certain degree they can mimic the same thing that all the swivels did toes do still point however but the feet are also not made of diecast i don't i don't think there's a single bit of diecast on this figure a nice flat color for the for the suit very nice you're still restricts running down the sides the belt nice very nice red color for this belt paint apps on it are really nicely done I like the silver color and of course over the wheel in his belt you can see it's got a clear plastic bit there belt buckle on the back let's even fold it over a bit so look like you just threw it on the green strips on the back nice flat green saved with the chest armor the scarf as mentioned this bits movable the gloves the boots all done in a nice silver as well the compound eyes very nicely done they look a lot better than they did on some of the earlier figures where the clear plastic was too far off of the off of the sculpted bid she couldn't really it lost a bit when you were looking at it from the side and the antenna sticking out like that so all in all very cool very nice sculpting very nice detailing so pose ability he maintains most of the same they've got their ab crunch their waist movement and shoulders do move up and down legs pop down for extended range of kicking forward parts where it's limited however we've got the head can't really tilt down too much due to the width of the scarf here you can look up just fine but down not so much more than just looking forward and the arms only really raised to about here unless you want to stuff the top of the arm into the ball joint itself then you can get a higher higher range of motion the only problem is it can wind up I don't know if it'll show up on the camera you can see here some of the paint has been scuffed on his shoulder and there that line that's for me that's what being stuffed in the in the socket there the arms could have been articulated a little better they could have I don't know moved a bit of the chin out of the way or something so that he could look down properly and the feet could have been made of diecast but I understand why they didn't he kind of needs it to be able to fit this writer kick effect part on without breaking it of his feet were made of metal they would probably just stress the plastic too much so it's going to take a quick look at some of the accessories that he comes with we've already shown you the writer kick effect apart however it's not truly complete unless I pop the other windblown version of the scarf on like so and put them in the appropriate I was getting nothing to stay on is a bit difficult here we go let's do come on stay on every here so Ryder kick with a fact part very cool the other item he came with pop off one of his hands real quick up on one of the holding hands get on there and hand swapping is a bit more difficult with this one than any of the others because hands go on real tight and slide this down through the bottom since his thumb and finger do not open come on well they open a little bit but I want to bend it too much all right got him with a sword I'll swashbuckle in style common writer here the sword itself is actually pretty nice it's you know a little flexible but overall this I think that's just because of how thin the plastic is and it's got a pretty decent point to it I'd want to keep it away from any children or whatever but it's nobody's point to you say those those sword pics you can buy it like you know the dollar store or whatever alright let's throw on some hands and pose him around a bit and then I'll get my final impressions so I'm not really going to be posing this one around too much because really there's only one pose that everybody wanted to see final impressions on the figure he feels a bit unless a flimsier cuz he's certainly not flimsy but he's definitely not as solid as some of the other ones that i was looking at but he is a fantastically sculpted painted just the design is amazing he's a great looking you know retro kamen rider sh figuarts and you know for that alone he's definitely worth picking up the added effect part of the writer kick especially if you have tamashii stage to display i'm on really just adds to the overall look of the figure and you know I despite the fact that he doesn't feel as solid I can't really say too much bad about this guy because he looks like he looks fantastic so this concludes my look at SH figuarts for the time being I don't know if I'm going to go on and do some more reviews or if I'm just going to keep packing everything up for moving but you may hear from me again soon so look forward to that

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