TJ Reviews: S.I.C. Kamen Rider Kabuto

just off change beetle it's time once again to review a Japanese bug man and this time we are walking the paths of heaven as opposed to the path to Detroit the path to the Hundred Acre Woods I don't know what other path there is but we are only concerned with one the path of Kamen Rider Kabuto from the si si series this who who let me just give you an example here because I don't think I've actually done this in an si si review because I actually have the figure art so right off the bat I want to give you a size comparison you are dealing with a much larger action figure than normal it's a really odd scale I'm not sure what us lines compare it to but si si s they are bulky and this way I have a nice chance to show you the difference in detailing between the two characters which is something I really have the opportunity to do we're going to start with a head with a magnificent amount of detail as well as those insectoid eyes oh man that multi-layered look never really gets old I love how they accomplish that you can see the same in the figure but not quite as prominently detailed here you can also tell the difference in aesthetics between figure arts and D si si line whereas kabuto is much more accurate to the show this Cavuto should say the si si version a lot more intricate detailing they've taken a lot of liberties with the design to add a lot more intricate details you can tell in the horn alone there is a lot of little edges grooves that aren't on the actual model of the show or the any of the other toys the chest as well which is completely smooth on the normal Kabuto design take a look at all that intricate detail a lot of molding in there a lot of grooves a lot of asymmetrical detailing to even stuff it looks the same like Rivet here on the shoulder is different on the opposite shoulder and you've got a lot of extra little details like a little bit of a rust look either rust or burnt metal it's a little hard to tell on this toy it's whatever you want it to be it does add a little bit of personality to the otherwise dull gray metal you see the molding on the arms silver makes it come out really well really nice it gives it a really kind of a dingy metal look more that rusting or burning whichever as well as here on the leg panels they really do not skip on the details even in these panels which are the diecast components of this toy by the way and I guess the final main detail to show off is the belt got a lot going on here too yellow translucent classic just to get that piece to look just right the horn is nicely painted in the appropriate gold and you can even see the little legs of the sector have been painted on too so they really don't miss anything on these toys which is what really impresses me now onto articulation and if you think I'm rushing a little bit here there is a reason just stick with me articulation wise it's pretty much standard fare for the SSE line it's a full range of motion inside the shoulder that comes up and down in the ball joint just like a figure art does double jointed arms at the elbows fully painted elbows by the way again small details as well as a risk that both swivels and hinges so stay there you get the same thing going on the legs the double jointed knees work fairly well the armor does not get in the way it's molded just right to avoid that also in the ankle you do have the rotation you have the swivel you have the sideways swivel and the toes fold up so all four points of articulation I like in the foot accounted for torso also you've got the ball joint inside the torso for moving around the waist articulates as well though not too very much of a degree that torso joint is the main one you'd be using for poses hips hmm hips are a down side I will admit because the these hips skirts made of soft plastic kind of hinder how much outward articulation it has he still gets about 90 degrees so any stance you want you can fix but kicking is a little bit hindered you can however extend the leg up this way as well as backward so you can now this this isn't a kick that capita would use but I'm sure there is a way of doing his traditional writer kick and counter kick and the last bit of articulation is the head which does have a ball joint on the top of the neck and at the bottom giving a full range of motion and full range of dance moves now because of this and because of what I love going to show up next his shoulders are a little low and his head is set a little high I find he poses best when his head is down cast just a little bit you do have a little bit of gimmick in going on for extra positions and poses for starters the horn on the sector does fold forward not completely so don't force it but you do have a little bit of motion so you can show him pulling the lever and strangely enough the horn on its head folds down even the inside of that is painted it folds up doesn't click into place just kind of frictions there I'm not sure why this was included but oh well hard to complain about any little trick you can do now how about accessories well he pretty much gets the standard fare multiple hands including the two fists as well as open hands these are relaxed open hands rather than splayed open wildly you also get hands for grabbing onto things which is for all of the weapons he comes with kabuto weapon is his kunai which he actually has all three forms of represented but none of them transform they are all individualized you get the ax form you get the blaster form which is basically the same thing just without the huge blade hanging off the bottom and of course his traditional kunai which it's a little different getting them into his hands because you got to get his fingers inside inside go inside there we go as well as around there sometimes this takes a little bit of flexing on the thumb but nothing that's going to break the toy and it really is a nice accessory count to include all three modes as individual toys lot of less parts to lose that way you also get this little sector and while it is well painted and detailed as all of these toys seem to be I can't find a freaking thing to do with this I have looked this wheat and this review is actually delayed a week because I have no idea what to do with this it doesn't replace the one on the belt it doesn't remove there's no place to clip it in anywhere I'm not even sure if this thing can hold it because it can't hold it so I really have no idea why they included it it is incredibly random however the one they did include and the most important accessory of all you get one extra hand pointing to the heavens which is just for his signature pose but has a few more usisl now why am i rushing through this toy so fast because this thing has so many modes I have to cover this is only one of five five modes this toy can take on now this one I'm not going to demonstrate all the part forming to get from one mode to another because well it's a little involved so you give me a minute and I'll just take this away now now while I won't be demonstrating switching parts because it is so involved I do want to show you what the toy looks like with all the parts removed just before you start assembling hypermode because I think you'll appreciate how much of the detailing has to go whoa oh god those look like something you'd find at a yard sale your your ear up let me take this away we'll just go to hyper mode change head obj mode – and now we are looking at hyper mode Kabuto this is probably my favorite mode because it fixes most of the most of the most of little problems with how low shoulders were set how high his head was the it was made that way for the armor to have room and now his proportions are pretty much spot-on he's got a lot more going on here so once again it is a detailed look that we are in need of first off huge beetle horn taking up most of the toy now we see the teal eyes representing the hospital hyper mode and the silver painted head not a lot of the detailing different so well that's about as expected I guess the chest mode you see a lot of this is translucent plastic with red lying underneath gives it giving it a really nice effect and you can see there's still a little bit of the rusting going on so I would assume this to be speed burn I guess you see up here on top of the shoulders to which also a lot of nice detail that metallic red paint just just really pops it's really really nice detail ah you see here on the arms the arm guards have now changed to these horn shaped panels and the hands have now gone red with a little bit more detailed paint job on the side the biggest change I guess you can see the Hyper's Ector which is the reason he's in the clock up mode you can see the side panels these are still diecast but they have gone to metallic red again here in the ankles some dark some red gives it a little inconsistent look a little bit more of a natural metal finish a lot of little detailing lean all the way down to the adidas stripes on here on the side and more stripes on the top the one thing I do want to get off right now yeah the left foot is identical don't go scrambling in the box like I did looking for a missing foot because there is only one of the hyper mode feet which is accurate I have actually double checked that that is how it's supposed to be designed so a lot of the detailing here you can tell incredible it really captures the look of hyper mode really well and gives it a lot of nice extra detailing articulation wise nothing really hindered from the original Kabuto mode except for here his arm can't quite go down now it's got a clear for the hyper sector kind of wish that was a little bit flatter so wouldn't interfere so much but that's really the only downside to this the mode is otherwise gorgeous doesn't really hinder any of the articulation and well there's just it stick what can I say is it's just a gorgeous look looking mode and once again your accessories you can still use the weapons in this mode because all of the hands were repainted in hyper mode color which you can see a lot of intricate detailing on the hands all the spaces in between the knuckles have been painted and the tips of his fingers have been painted all the way around so there are a lot more detail than the standard hand and do look amazing and what better time to show off hyper mode signature weapon the perfect sector fully realize detailed painted and it is a glorious looking thing to behold just to give you a good show of this all the detailing up this detailing in here to give it the appearance of a bug wing very intricate detail very nicely included you can see a lot of the patterns and detailing here as well as the four buttons now even though the sector does have alternate modes this is a solid piece even though this does have a trigger molded in and even though it does have buttons for writers shooting it cannot fold down so this is a static handle be careful with it and while it is big he can well hang on he can hold it though I should make a point see Kabuto in both modes I should I should have mentioned this earlier has two holding hands but they are both right-handed one open which is generally for his kunai gun mode and one closed which is for all of his weapon modes this is a little bit scary to use because of how closed in that thumb is so this is why I haven't trimmed my fingernails lately because you do have to kind of get in there and open it up little bit so well so one of this is a little bit intimidating to do you're not going to break anything so don't worry too much and while it is a big heavy weapon Kabuto can more than handle its girth he's very stiff in the shoulder joints and his wrist because it is hinged only in word doesn't slouch or slump while holding it it makes for an incredibly imposing accessory and really finishes off hyper mode nice thick or maybe not we're not done with hyper mode are we right back to Lego forming okay again we've had a lot of part changing so once again we look in now there isn't quite as much this time but what they did change in this mode is extensive and apparently going to be hard for me to light because it's all very internal but the most the biggest difference you can see right there is the chest where a lot of vents have opened up and right down to three little blue nodes right there in the middle that have been painted the paint job itself nice kind of two-toned golden bronze really really emphasizing a lot of metallic look that this toys been going for the whole time and succeeding very well I might add everything else all these open panels are all done and completely clear plastic the orange and the red that's all painted on and it gives it a really really really cool look but the translucent plastic for these panels give it a really energetic look which is perfect for this hyper mode and really you know there's not a whole lot to say but it is a much appreciated design touch to include and of course the wings yeah the wings are pretty much the biggest detail here aren't they very obvious two-tone paint job again it's blue going up into orange the closer you get to the body this is also reveals the shell on the back has been opened up with a lot of jet engines molded in a lot of detailing again going on now I should mention these are pegged in so you can adjust the wings a little bit inside but if you want to raise the wings up or lower them down they do curve here which is fully hinged and rotates completely around so if you want to if you want an angelic Kabuto that is possible to he is walking the path of heaven after all there is so much this toy and believe or not we're not done yet luckily this one doesn't require as much part forming but the parting question is a little bit different finally foam Nidal go battle mode number four and here we find the strangest one yet this is these Kabuto Ector form otherwise known as final form ride Kabuto this is an oddball yeah to say the least we'd show you detailing wise first and that's usually where I start because there is a ton on here once again as I see bringing you tons of molded detail that is completely pointless but looks really cool and you can see a lot of extra ones like well we've got these huge turbine engines and fans at the top worm huge huge legs which I absolutely love this detail one two three Roger this is a little touch that I love and I even love how its molded in to look like like the digital numbers on a clock or a stopwatch it is a really small touch but it is awesome and the way they usually do again with the small details you can see where there's exhaust burn here where the engines fire up on the sector which is a very subtle detail which is a really cool one and going up the back a lot of little rivets a lot of little screws painted and molded in you can see right here at the top these echt logo molded into the dial in the center it's a clear plastic but either due to my lighting not quite reaching it or because there's a huge figure stuffed inside of here it's really hard to make out translucid fact yes I met I did say there's a huge figure stuffed in there because in order to transform Kabuto you literally have to break him in half and jam him in there it's the legs here and that replace the leg armor and actually forms the full body but the rest of its just kind of sitting in there it kind of seems pointless you literally do have to break this guy in half because he has no engineering for folding that way so you have to take his pelvis piece off legs and all and add a crotch extension I'll give you a second to giggle okay that's long enough but that's really the only way they had to engineer this in just to get the figure in there and while yeah it does give him some bulk under on the other side and gives us legs a place to attach to I don't know it seems kind of forced but not maybe that's just me you can see even under sunder here you've got painted detailing so even the parts you would probably never see notice or care to be detailed they actually did add the detailing again I absolutely love this and speaking of detailing that huge gold horn makes an appearance here of course as well as one of the creepiest bug faces I've ever seen you've got little antennae here just like a beetle would have and you've got what would probably be beetle eyes I would assume I'm not a biologist but what surprises me is you have what is essentially a really monster eyes form of Kabuto head but it is cool I mean I'm not complaining there's a lot of cool details in this in this mode despite a despite being so clunky and lacking in articulation this is actually translucent red plastic to separate out the horn lever which does not move by the way and the rest of the toy for articulation as I mentioned it's limited but it's there you can swivel these feet and it's a little bit difficult for me to tell I can't tell which of these the actually move this way because of an actual intended joint or I don't know some like the front on the front legs they don't move on the back legs they do I can't tell this is just painted shut and mine is just really sticking or what but either way you don't really have a lot you can do with that articulation the only one is really of use is to open up the shell and give him his wings again completely translucent yellow plastic easy to see here and little exhausts and engines molded in again small details I love them and and the wings do add a nice effect to the toy itself giving it a lot of imposing detail but overall it's mostly an extra it's a really big extra but four-decade fans this is probably a really appreciated well maybe I can't quite appreciate it because I don't have si si decade but how about we take them to a more normal looking form for one last one in Nigel Koba tall and finally to give you one last look at Kabuto in a standard form we find decade form this form consists just of replacing his belt with the DECA driver giving you the appearance of Kamen Rider decade transformed into Kamen Rider Kabuto now as a small accessory it's still pretty well done I mean you've got a you've got a red crystal there in the center all the little marks associated with the deco driver are present along with the little buttons on the side and well it's a minor change but it's an appreciated one I mean there are a few poses you can get this guy into that it really only makes sense with decade what I really like about this mode is the ride Booker accessory because it is pretty much fully realized it doesn't open up however you can move the handle and turn it into gun mode or fully extend it and attach the removable blade and you have the ride Booker in sword mode so he can be fully realized as decade even if he does look like Kamen Rider Kabuto I actually really like the detailing on this thing there's some really intricate design work and painted details in here a lot of little grooves that aren't present on the standard ride book or blade so once again you can kind of tell they've really gone out of their way to make si si toys really interesting to look at so yeah it's a simple mode but it is a mode and it is even more that this toy can do and anything more is impressive si si capita is a worthy purchase for any Kamen Rider Kabuto fan now I know the big sticking point to this toy is its price which is a little much for one figure however you will find few action figures that do as much as this one does and for Kabuto fans it is an all-in-one Kamen Rider Kabuto experience this one was kindly provided by hobby link Japan where you can go get yours now if they haven't sold out by the time you watch this if they have I'm sorry you were too slow should have clocked up but if you are lucky enough to get your hands on this one you're not going to be disappointed now if you excuse me I've got a lot of parts to clean up if you buy the toy have storage ready

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