TJ Reviews: SIC Kamen Rider Gills & Another Agito

a lot of people ask me what is your favorite common writer series and I always answer common writer Ajith oh well who's your favorite common writer always comes after that and on keto features these single most badass writer ever with the coolest design and the most awesome characterization of any common writer I know of that common writer is not this one this one is actually packed in with that particular writer but in he will be coming up here in a minute but first we're gonna start with this review of si si another Augie toe yes that's literally his name another Augie toe weird I know it's Japan go with it we're gonna start off for a change with articulation not the detailing why because shut up it's my review I want to get this out of the way first because well it's almost exactly the same on the second toy in this set so we'll just cover it now ball jointed neck on the top and the bottom just like a figure art would have and very nice range of motion with it the Collard not getting in the way too much very nice shoulders plenty of range the armor does kind of get in the way but there's usually some way of moving it around it's a ball joint on both sides of a stem so you've got plenty of range of motion double jointed elbows it works extremely well no real bicep swivel but the shoulder rotates so much it's really not all that necessary the wrist is hinged as well as swivels so lots of range in the wrist as well torso very nice motion it's again double ball jointed you've got a lot of range to move around the chest in the midsection separately the belt isn't glued or attached on in any way it's just kind of floats there so it's not gonna hinder anything the ball joints in the hips are a little bit restricted as I find is true on most SICS you can only get a more realistic range of motion out of him and it does limit some of the kick poses you might want to do bit of rotation to it not a whole lot though you've got lots of knee articulation you see this little stem this grasshopper leg does not get in the way at all there and finishing off at the ankles which do have a rotation they'd have a tilt love the ankle tilt and the toes which are also hinged for extra pose ability and stability all around lots of nice posing not quite as solid as a figure art in the posing Department but still no slouch it's still exceptionally nice figure should also mention the posing on these now the other figure doesn't have these but they are true to another oggi toe they do swivel at them the action of the connection point on his back they also swivel on their own little hinge joint and there's the back and forward hinging so if those are in your way or if you want to pose them in a specific pattern you can nice and easy now we talked about detailing a little bit SI sees for me are either hit or miss with the detailing because they really like to go super exaggerated and realistic with the details in the case of another oggi toe really doesn't do anything ok there there are some added details there is some exaggeration to the design but ultimately another Audino kind of looks like this normally so it's kind of just a big thing you art here I'll give you a close-up of the head you can see the segmented eyes very nice very nice layering effect thanks to the translucent plastic and the reflective underneath it's actually molded in see lots of little paint around the mouth and tons around the horn look at all the little Oh little bit of dark detailing just to bring out all those subtle little line details tons and tons of attention and really really awesome looking design now I'll tell you right now I'll just go ahead and get this out of the way he does come with a second head which exposes the teeth yep he could open up his faceplate and grin at people and that's a little creepy and it really doesn't change the look all that much not very dramatic of a change really also this just looks like he's smiling I so serious okay easy reference out of the way moving on to the chest you can see the translucent spot there in the center not quite sure what it's called someone will probably say it in the comments but it looks cool and I'm quite I'm quite happy that just that piece is translucent all the rest is kind of formed around it you can see a lot of those extra details lined in a lot of the times si si designs are meant to get across the whole bug nature that common writers were originally designed with and you can really see some of that this does look like more organic shell type design that you would see on the carapace of a bug especially when I look at things like that that's his logo tattooed in by the way you can see tons tons everywhere look at all the veins look at all the coursing little panels in all this section is it look like bug shell I mean it's absolutely incredible how much detail goes in here and all the paint very tiny amounts of paint just to bring out some of the subtle details like all the little spines on the grasshopper legs and it's just there's so much I mean you go over this for days and you would not get all of it and I really really like it in the scarfs which are meant to represent a bug wing and the translucent plastic actually gives us a very nice layered effect you can cut in the right light you can kind of see both sides of the molding you especially see it through there which really gives it this very organic look it's very creepy in a way and also very well detailed also little tiny wings little tiny shells whichever one you wanted to believe him to be it's kind of hard to tell but they look cool and again lots of my new paint lots of little things to really bring it out another a keto really does have a very cold design and the si si style is just born to exemplify it like I've said it's not too different but it does bring out a lot of the little bits that the design was clearly meant to incorporate as for accessories you're in for a treat because another Agitos accessories besides the spare head include two hands both these awkward slightly open grip hands which are nicely detailed well that's a little grooves and little bits and divisions and little veins and things all kinds of things you'd expect a hand to have and that's it that's the only thing he came with bare head to hands really reminding me of another rocky tote I picked up once upon a time but rather than go for the obvious reference here we're just going to move on to the second figure in this boxset oh yes now we are talking for everyone who has ever asked this is my absolute favorite common writer gills and for many reasons I could mention how good his story arc is in the show I can mention how brutal his fighting style is or we can do something relevant to the toy and just talk about how cool the design looks now he's got the same articulation as mentioned though he does have a proper bicep swivel so that is a plus for him but take a look at that okay fierce the horns are those are probably the most exaggerated part of this design eyes are a little bit smaller than the original two while the eyes love the combination of colors here little gem in the middle not always nice for this to have the small details and you have some fangs molded in here rather than your traditional faceplate gold on the collar and going into the chest is where you really see the si si insectoid Bugman influence a lot of the faded details here that really that make this look like a bug shell a little brown just tracing along the green that's not present in the original design of course and also see something else that si si is known for a lot of cracks and little splits in the armor so yeah they like to make a common writer look a lot rougher and they succeed and sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't gills is kind of a brutal character so it works little gems on the forearms painted in bright green a little bit of gold there for the spikes closed fists all with the individual segments around all of his little little armor on the fingers you can see all the muscle tone that's molded in here and just trace with a really dark brown paint really kind of just getting a little bit of difference between all those groups not quite panel lining but definitely looks cool a lot of little details going across the armor on the legs again we have some gems and we have the gold cuff and lots of more spikes this guy's got spikes all over I love that so you can see right down to the belt mmm nice and simple belt I like it though tons and tons of detail going in the end of this guy absolutely brilliant looking figure for accessories I'm happy to announce he has more than just a spare head in hands though he does have a spare head I will cut that all the way this one in particular has a wide open mouth which actually you can see right through you can see my finger in there so even it kind of gives it this esophagus look when you actually poke it put it on the toy it's really kind of creepy that way you'll also notice the broken horns this is for the damaged gills look the horn is removable and you can swap it out for the one on the normal head that is not screaming with the rage of a beast so you have a lot more options and displayed there and for extra hands you get all of – yes again I'll tell you right now it's for the exact same reason as figure art saakitto the extra hands come with the bike which is actually a form changing bike that works for both another Augie toe and gills again the hands are very well painted lots of little grooves lots of little subtle paint details but you know it's just two hands though granted with gills really don't need that many more hands besides these his fists and his rage hands that's pretty much all he ever needed in the show for more accessorizing you can swap out his forearm armour firth 2 of these these blades are gills signature weapon now you can see the armor itself looks pretty similar and then you have this really sharp pointed bug leg just kind of spouting out from the arm looks really cool really fits in with his brutal nature and really looks very different from how it does in the original show where it looks more like a blade or a Talon here definitely looks like a spider or insect leg of some type gives it a bit more of a creepy nature to it or maybe a worm a bone quality still it's very cool very vicious looking he also comes with these these are the little spikes he put on the back of his heels in order to deliver his particular rider kick an axe kick that drives these points right into an enemy again he's kind of vicious that way and again it's kind of molded to be more insectoid leg or bone style and structure again giving it more of a creepy feel but then again they're just feet spikes they really change the look that much and here it is hide your schoolgirls cuz it's the gills feeler is extension whip tendril whatever you want to call it it's an organic tentacle that he attacks with you know what can I say you can see again it's got more of a bone nature to it I mean this is pretty much how it looks but they kind of exemplified it so now kind of has a spinal quality to it and ending off on a really vicious looking spike at the end nice stinger since we're going with an insectoid theme I guess now there are some advantages and disadvantages to this the over the FiguArts version you know the advantage is that well it looks a lot cooler and it has a more natural flow to it in shape the disadvantage unlike the figure 8 version there are no segments in it at all so this is pretty much all you get so you can't extend it or shorten it you can't move it about but it does look more natural and organic which I guess fits in with si si the other disadvantage is you only get one which was kind of a letdown in the package it's the only weapon of gills you only get one of which is kind of strange but then again yeah this might just get creepy if he had more than one so let's just stick with this si si is kind of an interesting line to me because for me the designs are either hit or miss when they miss they look so ugly in my eyes but when they hit oh man do they hit and these to hit huge the organic nature of both of their designs really really helps the si C's overall aesthetic and really manages to make two awesome looking figures now you've never bought si si s before keep in mind they are larger than a figure art by a good inch or two but they do not have the same tolerances as a figure art so if you're a little too rough you're gonna have something pop off and there's gonna be a couple gap issues here and there but nothing major nothing game-breaking basically pose them display them enjoy them play with them like they're import toys because well they are speaking of my imports came from hobby linked Japan as usual as usual there is a link below and as usual I'm probably gonna be buying something more there soon just so I have more to go with these two gotta figure out where to get the bike now and a figure out where to put the bike hoo boy see the rabbit-hole these things lead into not complaining about being in the rabbit hole just you know be nice if I had a parachute while I fall every now and then

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