[TMT][1011] Giới thiệu Complete Selection Modification Den-O Belt & K-Taros! (Engsub)

Welcome back to TokuVN Media Team! I'm Wuaka and this is Takkun! Kamen Rider Zi-O is reaching its ending with Grand Zi-O form. But we won't talk about it in today! Instead, it's another time-theme Rider. It's Kamen Rider Den-O,… With CSM Den-O Belt & K-Taros! This product was released in Sep, 2017. At that time, we're too busy to review it, so it has been delayed until now. CSM Den-O Belt & K-Taros is the 16th CSM product. It's also released in Kamen Rider Den-O 10th year anniversary. The box is designed quite luxurious,… The main color is black & red,… With is Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form with his signature "Ore Sanjou" pose. Next to it is the name of the product. As the usual, in the corner is BANDAI's logo.

Four sides of the box are 4 colors of Imagins,… Which is red,… Blue,… Yellow & purple. Remove the outer box,… We can see image of Kamen Rider Den-O Climax form with Den-O's symbol. Unboxed, we'll have:… A Den-O Belt,… Belts,… A belt fastener,… A Rider Pass,… A K-Taros,… G Den-O Belt,… G Den-O Pass,… And 6 tickets. And instruction book. Print short about the design & shape of this product. Den-O belt was designed like a bullet train ticket scanner machine in Japan. Scanning pass to transform is look like scanning ticket before on onboard.

The main colors are black & gray. Which is painted meticulously & beautiful. In the center is LED light. On the top of Den-O Belt is the word "DEN-O SYSTEM". Four buttons on the belt represent:… Sword,… Rod,… Ace,… And Gun. Which are used by Den-O. With 4 colors: red, blue, yellow, and purple. And as I know, these colors also represent the route of train in Japan. This button is used for attach K-Taros. The center cover is made of diecast,… And has a thin paint layer,… It's very vulnerable. On the right is a blue arrow,… Indicating how to attach the belt to activate the transformation function. Underneath it is the BGM activation button. Including "Ore Sanjou" and "Double Action (Sword Form Ver)". This is a function that DX version don't have. Backside of product has 2 buttons: power button & voiceline activation button. The belt was made bigger than DX version. It was made for adult size, so we can extend it if it doesn't fit.

About the ticket, product has 6 tickets, including:… Blank tickets,… Momotaros,… Urataros,… Kintaros,… Ryutaros,… And Sakura Emblem Ticket. Rider Pass was designed to scanned on Den-O belt to transform. It's similar to Rider Pass in CSM New Den-O, so I'll skip it. Next is K-Taros, with the shape of a cellphone. This is a power-up item that helps Den-O reach new forms – Climax Form, Super Climax Form, and Liner Form. The whole body of it is in metallic red, look so eye-catching! Black buttons with details on the button corresponding to Imajin's colors that accompany Ryotaro. The center button used to activate BGM,… Including "Climax Jump" & "Climax Form". The Den-O symbol button is an empty button, only used to active finisher. The transparent button used to transform.

And the last are G Den-O Belt & Rider Pass. This pass is different to original version with Eve's face on it. Its main colors are red, blue, and silver. Which corresponding to police colors. And the face is bulged, so we can't fold it like original version. The Den-O symbol on the back was replaced by Space-Time police. About the sounds, CSM version isn't the same as DX version. Along with 4 basic forms are Blank Form & Nega Form. Moreover, it's also including voiceline of Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, Ryutaros & Negataros. In DX version, turn it on & it will auto in waiting mode,… But in CSM version, we have to attach the belt to activate waiting mode,… This function is similar to transform process in the film. Now, when scan Rider Pass, it'll active Flat Form. Transform process is the same as DX version,… Press the form button we want, then scan Rider Pass to complete. The sound is longer than DX version. About finisher, just scan to complete, not have to hold the button like DX version. To transform into Nega Den-O, press red & blue button at the same time.

Product also has the Random Imagin Changing function when we finish transform. Wait for 25 secs and we'll hear Imagin's form changing sound effect. K-Taros activation is still the same,… Hit "3-6-9-#-Call" will play Climax form waiting sound effect. Press the side button, then attach it to the belt to complete. And of course, it also has many voicelines. A special function is "Climax Form Final Countdown version",… Attach K-Taros to the belt first, then hit the Den-O symbol button to play the voiceline of that situation. Then attach the belt & scan to complete. Now, the Climax waiting music is emit from Den-O belt, not K-Taros! Hold the call button, then press the side button,… It will play voiceline & transform sound effect of Super Climax Form,… Now we'll have voiceline of Sieg Imajin,… And Den-O Wings Form sound effect. Only K-Taros contains Sieg's voiceline. But you have to activate this form to hear it! Press Den-O symbol button to play the finisher.

Then scan to play the combo of 4 Imagins' skills. Next is Liner Form Transformation! We don't have to press any button. Just attach K-Taros to the belt,… Then scan to complete! About finisher, besides scanning,… We can press the Den-O symbol button to play it! And the last is G Den-O! Just like K-Taros, attach it to the belt, then scan to complete! And it also has Eve's voiceline! In term of voiceline, this is the CSM contains the most voiceline! Really worth with fans of Kamen Rider in general & Kamen Rider Den-O in particular! With simple but elegant, good-looking design,… With many characters,… Make us almost become one with the film when play it,… Really interesting! But it paint layer is really thin! You you play & scan it gently! If you do it too fast or too hard, you may scratching product, make it less beautiful! And that's all we want to introduce to you in this video! And don't forget to like & subscribe to encourage us! I'm Takkun! I'm Wuaka! Tam biet hen gap lai,…

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