[TMT][1117] Giới thiệu DX Metsubo Jinrai Forceriser, Attache Arrow! Kamen Rider Zero-One! (Engsub)

[TMT][1117] Giới thiệu DX Metsubo Jinrai Forceriser,  Attache Arrow! Kamen Rider Zero-One! (Engsub)

Welcome back to TokuVN Media team! After the break, now I'm back! And continue to review products from Kamen Rider series! The products today are belong to the third side in Kamen Rider Zero-One. Which is DX Metsubo Jinrai Forceriser,… … and DX Attache Arrow! Before review this product, I'll talk shortly about this third side! Metsubojinrai.net is the antagonist side, fight against AIMS and Hiden Intelligent. Which was led by Horobi and Jin. They hacked Humangear and transform it into Magia. With the aim is recover "Ark", a weapon can eliminate human. Besides, Horobi & Jin are also Humangear who transform into Kamen Rider by new device. It's Metsubo Jinrai Forceriser! And here it is! The main color of it is black and highlighted by silver and yellow details. Different to Zero-One Driver and Shotrister,… Forceriser is quite small and light. Similar to Shotriser belt,… Backside of Forceriser also has the belt slot.

The switch is in the back too. Turn it on, we'll hear the product's name. *Forceriser* Comes with Forceriser is Sting Scorpion Progrise Key. It contains the data of scorpion,… … which allows user perform poison skill. The sound of this Progrise Key is similar to the others. *Poison* *Scorpion Ability* *poison liquid sound* To transform into Kamen Rider Horobi,… … we have to active Progrise Key first,… *Poison* Then insert it into Forceriser. At this time, Riser play a heavy and serious waiting music,… … which make me feel like it's a big machine prepare to run. At last, drag the level to complete. *Forceise* *Sting Scorpion* *Break down* Besides Sting Scorpion Progrise Key,… Forceriser can also be played with Flying Falcon Progrise Key. Which is Kamen Rider Jin transformation. Moreover, other Progrise Keys also can be played with Forceriser. But the difference is other Progrise Key play it description,… … and Sting Scorpion and Flying Falcon doesn't. Maybe because both of them were used to transform into 2 new Riders, so the descriptions are disabled. In overall, Forceriser make me feel like it is a forbidden machine which was sealed by the silver belt.

When we drag the level, the belt will be unbent to open the machine part. It look like even this machine was sealed,… … user still ignore and use it. Actually, the function of this Riser is similar to what I said. Different to Zero-One Driver and Shotrister,… Forceriser don't depend on "Authorize" code to open Progrise Key. *Poison* *Forceise* *Sting Scorpion* *Break down* This can be considered as an forced activation, exactly suitable with it name "Forceriser". Forceriser has 2 finishers which can be activated by pull and push it level. The skill for first time pull and push the level is "Dystopia".

As far as I know, "Dystopia" is the combination between "Destroy" and "Utopia". Which is refer to a negative area. It quite fit to the aim of Metsubojinrai.net,… … eliminate all human, Humangear sit on the throne. However, the thing that makes me confuse is the second skill. After pull and push the level again, it will perform "Utopia" finisher. "Utopia" refers to a wealthy area, or a "dreamland". And it completely contrast to "Dystopia". Could it be a hint that Horobi & Jin will join the good side!?! And the future where human & Humangear live happily together after. Next, we'll move to DX Attache Arrow! This weapon was developed by AIMS. But they haven't used it once because Horobi stole it. The main colors are black and purple. In Case Mode, similar to Attache Calibur and Attache Shotgun,… … turn it on, we'll hear the product's name.

*Attache Arrow* Pull the trigger to play the product's description. *Attache case opens to release the never-missing bow and arrow* On it side is a Progrise Key slot. *Progrise key confirmed. Ready to utilize* *Scorpion Ability* *poison liquid sound* To transform it into Arrow Mode, just open it. In this mode, it has 2 attack sound effect. One is slash when we pull the trigger,… … and shot when we pull the level. To perform finisher, first we fold down the upper part, then open it. *ChargeRise!* *Full Charge!* Pull the trigger to finish. *Kaban Slash!* *Charge* *Full Charge!* Or pull the level to finish. *Kaban Shoot!* Moreover, when we insert Progrise Key,… *Progrise key confirmed. Ready to utilize* *Scorpion Ability* … then fold and open,… *ChargeRise!* *Full Charge!* Pull the trigger and we'll have… *Kaban Finish!* *Poison!* *Charge* *Full Charge!* And pull the level… *Sting* *Kaban Strike* So this product has 4 finishers in total. In conclusion about 3 Attache weapons that we have,… … we can see that each weapon has special color of each side's representative Rider.

For example, Attache Calibur is neon,… … which corresponds to Zero-One, representative of Hiden Intelligence. Attache Shotgun is blue,… … correspond to Vulcan of AIMS. And Attache Arrow is purple, correspond to Horobi of Metsubojinrai.net. Although it's just beginning,… … but we have 3 transformation device and 5 Riders. Even some specific value, but Forceriser still has some point inferior to previous devices. When we push or pull the level, Progrise Key isn't completely closed or opened. Furthermore, Forceriser's LED can't highlight the Progise Key symbol as good as Zero-One Driver or Shotriser. It's quite a pity! But we can deny the value and meaningful in terms of design and function…

… which make Metsubo Jinrai Forceriser attract many people. About Attache Arrow, a weapon not only for ranged but also melee combat. Maybe it's too familiar with Kamen Rider fans,… … because we have Sonic Arrow in Kamen Rider Gaim,… … or Kaizoku Hassyar of Kamen Rider Build. But I have to admit that the diverse gameplay with catchy sound effect,… … are the key that make Kamen Rider fans,… … especially Horobi's fans are really exciting to have this product. Same as previous weapon,… It can be transformed into Case Mode, let you storage it easier. And that's all about products today! DX Metsubo Jinrai Forceriser and DX Attache Arrow! Thank you for watching! Goodbye and see you later!!!.

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