[TMT][1155] Giới thiệu DX Shining Hopper Progrise Key và DX Assault Wolf Progrise Key! (Engsub)

Welcome back to TokuVN Media Team toys review channel! Keep continue with Kamen Rider Zero-One series! Today, I'll introduce to you power-up item of Zero-One and Vulcan! It's DX Shining Hopper and Assault Wolf Progrise Key! Before review these products, let's talk briefly about the origin of these Progrise Key! When Dodo Magia reached its peak Learning state,… … he become undefeatable! To solve this problem, Zea has to print Shining Hopper Progrise Key instantly,… … and combined it with Zero-One's combat data to defeat this Magia! The new form of Zero-One increase the combat speed much more flexible,… …simulating many combat plans to choose between dodge or attack enemies depend on the situation! However, the peace wasn't last long, the third member of Metsubojinrai.net appear, Kamen Rider Ikazuchi! With his hurge power, he easily defeated both Zero-One and Vulcan,… … and take almost all Progrise Keys from them! All of these actions are aimed at creating the Assault Wolf Progrise Key, empowering the terrorists. Fortunately, Vulcan has stolen this Progrise Key and sabotaging the conspiracy of Metsuboujinrai.net! However, is this luck, or is it all in the plan of Ark? With this new form, Vulcan greatly increased his fighting ability, just like a frantic wolf.

However, the price is the overwhelming pressure on Vulcan's body,… The most obvious proof is he vomiting blood after the first use! Back to the products today! First, let's take a look at the boxes, we can see that both of them have the same layout! The front has the images of Rider and Progrise Key,… … under it has product's name, logo of BANDAI and Toei! The difference are the colors and size! Shining Hopper has yellow and white theme,… … and Assault Wolf is blue and white! Besides, the box of Assault Wolf is thicker than Shining Hopper! Moreover, you can buy a combo set like this if you want to buy both of them! In front of you is Shining Hopper Progrise Key! The plate is gold chrome-plated, it look so Shining! It was carved a grasshopper and Kamen Rider Zero-One Shining Hopper's face.

Above it is the name of this Progrise Key! Open it, instead of the mechanical skeleton like normal Progrise Key,… … it has a green transparent grasshopper. It has a red eye, which is also the lock cylinder of this Progrise Key, make it look very eye-catching! On the top of it is the activation button! About gameplay, Shining Hopper Progrise Key has the same gameplay with other Progrise Key. First, activate Progrise Key, it was upgrade from "Jump" to "Shining Jump"! Then scan it! And insert it into Driver to complete! "The rider kick increases the power by adding to brightness!",… … "When I shine, darkness fades." are the quotes of this Progrise Key! And it also describing the power and ability of this Progrise Key, I really like it! To perform finisher, just push Progrise Key to activate skill named "Shining Impact"! According to the movie, after authorize, the data Zea transmit is a big grasshopper with a smaller one on its back! After insert Progrise Key, a large net appear and catch both grasshoppers,…

… and combine them with Aruto to transform into Zero-One Shining Hopper! This interested detail based on the mating of this species! In fact, for in-depth study of the breeding of grasshoppers,… … the scientists put a male and a female grasshoppers together,… … waiting for them to mate and freeze them. This is similar to the net catching two grasshoppers during transformation! In addition, Aruto's transformation posture also represent two popular type of locks nowadays! The "Authorize" command represent smart lock! And Aruto use the Progrise Key to unlock represent normal lock! Next is Assault Wolf Progrise Key! The product main colors are dark blue and black. The plate was blue chrome-plated, carved a wolf and Kamen Rider Vulcan Assault Wolf's face.

Above it is the name of this Progrise Key! Open it, we can see a wolf's head with deep blue tones that looks very wild and eye-catching! Product is longer than other Progrise Key because it has an Assault Grip! Grip is designed as a handle,… … its main color is gray, added with red details,… … on the top of it is the activation button! Moreover, you can activate this Progrise Key by press its button or Grip's button! Backside of Grip has 2 buttons used to unlock this Grip.

In term of sounds, Assault Wolf Progrise Key has been update from "Bullet" to "Assault Bullet"! Scanning it and insert to Shotriser,… … the unlock sound change into "Overrise", not "Authorize". It can be consider as a superior development, maybe break the limit of the current device! After insert Progrise Key, pull the trigger to complete! "No chance of surviving." is the quote of this Progrise Key! It describe the dangerous of this Progrise Key! To perform the finisher, just press Grip's button and pull the trigger to complete! Moreover, we can create Shining Assault Hopper Progrise Key by combine Shining Hopper Progrise Key with Assault Grip! It contain the data of frantic grasshopper, the combination between the good of Zea and the madness of Ark! And of course, combine them not just for fun! It's activate new sound of Progrise Key! This time, the jump is much more higher, "Shining Jump" is upgrade to "Hyper Jump"! Scan it to Zero-One Driver, we will hear "Overrise" announcement like Assault Wolf! Then insert it into Driver to complete! The transformation sound this time is much more serious with alarm and warning "This is not a test!".

Through that, we can see it's a big development that break the limit of current device that comes with high risk! In my opinion, maybe due to this is an items that has the intervention of Ark,….. lead to the warning of this Progrise Key! If you may feel bored because of the same design of Progrise Key,….. then Shining Hopper and Assault Wolf Progrise Key are the solution to get through that boredom from BANDAI! From gorgeous design to catchy sounds,….. these are the key factors that make all the fans of Zero-One and Vulcan can't miss these items! But every coins has two faces,… We have to preserve carefully the chrome-plated parts of them,….. or it will be scratch and become quite ugly! And that's all about these items! Don't forget to hit like and subscribe to encourage us! Next time, I'll introduce to you a device that comes from the business rival of Hiden Intelligence! It is….

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