[TMT][1159] Giới thiệu DX Zaia Thousandriver! Kamen Rider Zero-One! 仮面ライダーゼロワン! (Engsub)

Welcome back to TokuVN Media Team review channel. Continue with Kamen Rider Zero-One. Today we'll talk about an item of Hiden Intelligence's opponent in A.I technology sector. It's DX ZAIA Thousand Driver! First is the box, the main color is purple and white. In the center has product's image, and Kamen Rider Thouser's image is on the left. Under it is the product's name, and BANDAI logo. in front of you is Thousand Driver. It is developed by the orders of ZAIA Corporation Japanese branch's president, Amatsu Gai.

And allow him transform into Kamen Rider Thouser. The main color is grey, black with some gold and purple details. Two slots on right and left side are used to insert Progrisekey into it. Different to previous transform device, Thousand Driver require two keys for activation. It is Amazing Caucasus and Awaking Arsino. Both of them look so luxurious with gold details on the black background. Amazing Caucasus Progrisekey contain data of three-horned beetle, Dynastinae. With the ability is Break Horn, a strong horn can break everything. It have different design with typical Progrisekey, you can see the tail right here. But it just the design, the function is different too. When we press the button, it will automatic open with the sound "Break Horn". *Break Horn* Press again we will get "Amazing Horn" and "Thouser Horn".

*Amazing Horn* *Thouser Horn* So that, this Progrisekey has 3 abilities, not one. Awaking Arsino contain the data of Arsinoitherium, the odd twin horned mammal look like rhinoceros. It just like the upgrade of Awaking Arsino Zetsumerisekey. The difference is the flip design and the tail in the end. It look cool but it don't have any sound or led, it even can't be opened, just use to active sound in driver. To transform, first, insert Arsino key in the left side, product will play command "Zetsumetsu Evolution" with catchy music. *Zetsumetsu Evolution* Then insert Caucasus Progrisekey… *Break Horn* *Perfectrise* *When the five horns cross. The golden solider Thouser is born* *Presented by ZAIA* The driver is opened, we will see the Thouser symbol is highlighted by LEDs light.

And bravery transformation sound of Kamen Rider Thouser! In the end, we'll hear a promotion "Presented by ZAIA". When insert both of key, we can hear command "Perfectrise". It mean the perfect upgrade of all. It easy understand that because this driver contain all data of 8 Progrisekeys and 8 Zetsumerisekeys. The finisher is activated by push the Caucasus Progrisekey. *Thousand Destruction.* What if we don't insert Arsino key, just insert Caucasus key.

This is the answer… *Break Horn* *Progrise* *When the five horns cross. The golden solider Thouser is born* *Presented by ZAIA* The driver doesn't open, doesn't play stand by music, "Perfectrise" is replaced by "Progrise". The finisher is changed to "Thousand Break". *Thousand Break* Thousand Driver also can play with other Progrisekey, but we must scan for authorize first. And we must insert Arsino key, if you don't do it, driver will alert an error. *Error* *Grass hopper ability* Caucasus Progrisekey also can be played with other transformation device. But Arsino key can't do it due to the flip design. Back to Thousand Driver, it has a Breakrise mode. To active, we take the Caucasus Progrisekey off. *Break Horn* And insert one more time. *Breakrise* *When the five horns cross. The golden solider Thouser is born* *Presented by ZAIA* Generally, this is the interesting driver with cool and catchy sound. And so much functions, nice driver for Kamen Rider fans. The best thing i love this is the design of driver. If Zero-One Driver has graphics card design.

Thousand Driver will has fusion reactor design. In a fusion process, two lighter atomic nuclei combine to form a heavier nucleus, while releasing energy. That why this driver need 2 Progrisekey to active. Until now, this just a theory, if human can make it come true, it will be the scientific revolution. Also the driver can open, like open the gate of future. And why is Caucasus and Arsino but not any species. Because both of them related with rhinoceros. Caucasus also referred as rhinoceros beetle. Arsino is knew as the ancestor of nowaday rhinoceros. Two specific creatures with specific link and represent 2 kinds of animal in the film. Both of them combine together, create a warrior that look like a king! That is also the meaning of Kamen Rider Thouser description! Thousand Driver also has some disadvantage. The logo of Thouser is the combination of Caucasus and Arsino. But the logo of Arsino is fixed on the driver, not in key like Caucasus. So when you play with other Progrisekey, the logo is mixed, not beautiful. About two keys, unfortunately, Arsino don't have any gimmick.

About Caucasus's automatic open, it easy to drop if you don't hold tight. And that is all about this product! Thank you for watching! Don't forget to hit like and subscribe to encourage us! Next time, we'll talk about… *Hiden metal ability* *Gathering ability* Goodbye and see you again..

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