[TMT][1168] Giới thiệu Metal Cluster Hopper Progrise Key và Rampage Gatling Progrise Key! (Engsub)

Welcome back to TokuVn Media Team toys review channel! Keep continue with Kamen Rider Zero-One! Today, I’ll introduce to you 2 power-up items of Zero-One and Vulcan. They’re DX Metal Cluster Hopper and Rampage Gatling Progrise Key! First, let’s take a look on the boxes! In Metal Cluster Progrise Key, the main colors are white and gray. It's size is also longer than normal Progrise Key! On the top has image of Kamen Rider Zero-One Metal Cluster, which is really cool! In the bottom has product’s image, name and the BANDAI’s logo. In Rampage Gatling Progrise Key, the main colors are blue and white,… … highlighted with colorful stripes which represent previous Progrise Keys. On the top has image of Kamen Rider Rampage Vulcan,… … in the bottom has product’s image, name and the BANDAI’s logo. And both boxes have the instruction in the backside. First is the Metal Cluster Hopper! Created by Amatsu Gai in order to trapped Zero-One in the hatred sea of Ark and gone berserk. Or we can say that Ark in Zero-One’s body. Afterward, thanks to the new weapon created by Zea,…

… Zero-One finally can control this madness power. In term of design, this Progrise Key has the main colors are black and chrome-plated silver,… … added with neon borders, which is very eye-catching! The shape of this Progrise Key is longer than the others because of the big part in the end,… … make it become a big and gorgeous silver grasshopper. The Progrise Key's name is in the top corner. Below it is KR Zero-One Metal Cluster Hopper’s face. Open the key,… … we can see a grasshopper mechanic frame. On the top has a activation button, pressing it, LEDs will lights up in the eyes of the grasshopper. There are 3 sound along with it! "Everybody jump!" "Hiden Metal's ability!" "Metal Hopper's ability!" One of them is “Hiden Metal's ability!”,…

… which can be understand as the secret material of Hiden Intelligence, I’ll explain it in the end of this video! Next is Rampage Gatling Progrise Key! Created by Yaiba and Ark under the command of Gai as the next part of his plan. It was mentioned in episode 28,… … that he’ll create the ultimate weapon and open a new chapter of Kamen Rider's legend! The main colors are transparent blue and gray in the armo. Highlighted by the gold chrome-plaled, not a simple paint anymore. The design is also different with a rotating gatling gun barrel in the back. The plate has a wolf's head and border, all of them are gold chrome-plated.

Open it,… … we can see 10 mechanic frames corresponding to 10 Progrise Keys. To active this Progrise Key, we can either press the button or rotate the gatling gun! "Rampage Bullet!" This Progrise Key contain 5 abilities,… … including: Gatling,…. "Gathering ability!" *wolf howl* … three ability groups, first is Power,… "Powerrise ability!" This group contain: shark, kong and mammoth, all of them are powerful animals. Speed group,… "Speedrise ability!" … this group contain: falcon, cheetah and hornet, which is extremely fast animals! Element group,… "Elementrise ability!" This group contain: scorpion, polar bear and tiger, each of them has specific element as poison, ice and fire.

And the last ability is … "Allrise ability!" In Metal Cluster Hopper Progrise Key, when we activate it, we'll hear,… "Everybody Jump!" … which mean many jumps of a swarm of locusts, not a single one like previous Progrise Keys. "Authorize!" "Progrise!" After insert key into Driver, we'll hear new waiting sound with the command " Let's rise!", which rushing us to active it! Then fold the end of key to complete! "Metalrise!" "Secret material Hiden Metal!" "MetalCluster Hopper!" "It's high quality!" The command is changed to "Metalrise!" from "Progrise!". It is logical because these are metal grasshopper! It quote "Secret material Hiden Metal!" and "It's high quality!" show us how powerful this key is! You can notice that the end of this key after folded look like a hand,…

… with many grasshopper on it! Which mean cover database,… … and prevent anything access into it. In reality, we can't use any Progrise Keys because this part blocked the sensor. But we still can perform finisher by pushing key. "Metal Rising Impact!" About Rampage Gatling, first we rotate the gatling gun,… "Rampage Bullet!" Then insert it into ShotRiser! "Allrise!" Instead of "Authorize", now it's "Allrise", contain power of 10 Progrise Keys! And pul the trigger to complete! "Full Shotrise! Gathering Round! Rampage Gatling! Mammoth! Cheetah! Hornet! Tiger! Polar bear! Scorpion! Shark! Kong! Falcon! Wolf!" When transform, "Shotrise" is changed to "Full Shotrise".

And the quote is replaced by the animal list contain in this Progrise Key! More than the normal skill "Rampage Gatling Blast!", activated by pull the trigger,… "Rampage bullet!" "Rampage Gatling Blast" "Fever" We also have 4 new skills depend on how many times we rotate the gatling gun:… … one is "Power Rampage",… … two times is "Speed Rampage",… … and three times is "Element Rampage",… … and four times is "All Rampage".

Just rotate to select your favorite ability, then pull the trigger to complete! "Rampage All Blast Fever!" Many people wonder about insert Rampage Gatling Progrise Key into Zero-One Drover, this is the result! "Rampage Bullet!" "Allrise!" "Progrise!" "Gathering Round! Rampage Gatling!" "The power of these Progrisekeys gather for great power." It wont play the name of 10 animals like ShotRiser,… … in Zero-One Driver, it has the same transformation sound with previous Progrise Keys! With the quote is "The power of these Progrisekeys gather for great power." The finisher is activated same as in ShotRiser,… "Power Rampage!" "Rampage Power Impact!" I must say BANDAI never dissapointed us! Because they always improve the details and quality of product from shape to function. Gorgeous design, catchy sound effects and plenty meaning! Metal Cluster Hopper is based on the “locust pandemic",… … which can destroy everything on its way, and nothing can stop it! This is also a reason why activation sound is “Everybody Jump!” Back to the transformation scene of Zero-One using Metal Cluster Hopper,… … a swarm of metal locust will appear and cover Aruto’s body, forming new Zero-One form.

These locusts can smoothly forming a shield or spikes for Zero-One. According to the quote, these are the high quality secret material,… … represent the advance technology of this Rider. It also remind you of the Nano technology of Iron Man. About Rampage Gatling,… … many people wonder why this Progrise Key named Rampage Gatling, not wolf or any animal else. The main reason is because this Progrise Key combine the power of 10 Progrise Keys. … all of them rush into battle like gatling gun bullet. There is one more puzzle that Rampage Gatling contain 3 group of ability,… … each has 3 animals, so there are 9 in total,… … and wolf doesn’t belong to any group. Moreover, the plate has wolf’s head, not another animal. The answer for it, maybe because wolf is the symbol of Vulcan's power.

Moreover, wolf is living in herd,… … the herd members can recognize their leader by the howling and gathering together. Moreover, the name "Rampage Gatling",… … it spell nearly similar to "gathering". It's logical because this Progrise Key contain the power of 10 animals! Despite many advantages, both products still have some disadvantage! That is the chrome-plated layers are quite thin,… … so you should play it carefully to avoid scratch it! And that's all I want to introduce to you about both product today! Next time, we'll talk about an item from Metsuboujinrai.net! Can you guess what it is? The answer is in the next video! And now, goodbye and see you later!!! *Hurricane*

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