[TMT][1195] Giới thiệu DX Zero-Two Progrise Key & Zero-Two Driver Unit! (Engsub)

Welcome back to TokuVN Media Team. Kamen Rider Zero-One will end soon, the fight is more and more intense. Zero-One is completely defeated by Ark Zero. Though everything left behind is despair, a miracle suddenly appear. A new item help balance the fight, which I'll introduce to you today! DX Zero-Two Progrise Key and Zero-Two Driver Unit. First, let's talk briefly about the origin of this item. Finally, ARK reborn in the form of Kamen Rider Ark-Zero. It's a super A.I, so all current Rider forms and weapons can't defeat ARK due to it simulation ability. Even our final hope ZEA is controlled by it. The only way to defeat Ark-Zero is create a new item that stand out of it calculation. With the spirit and venture of Aruto, Izu finally reached Singularity point.

She inherit ZEA's ability, create Zero-Two Progrise Key and Zero-Two Driver. Become a new hope for both human and Humagear. Back to our products, in front of you is Zero-Two Progrise Key. It look so shiny with sparkling decal. The main colors are transparent yellow and black with some silver part. In term of details, we can see this design is based on ZEA satellite. About function, it can automatically open when we press button like Amazing Caucasus Progrise Key. *Zero-Two Jump* First press, the activation sound is "Zero-Two jump!!!", after that is 3 abilities. *Zero-Two Ability* *Hiden Intelligence Ability* *ZEA Ability* Moreover, it has some Aruto's voicelines. *Henshin* *There's only one person who can stop you, and that's me!* *I'm Hiden Intelligence president and CEO, Hiden Aruto* Inside the key isn't has any hopper frame.

Instead, it's a white hopper with horizontal lines that make it look like data is transferring. Next is Zero-Two Driver Unit, it will replace for a part on Zero-One Driver. With the main color is transparent lime and highlighted by red lines. The replace steps are quite complicated, first we will detach this part from Zero-One Driver. And attach the Zero-Two Driver Unit in. Insert side part into Driver. Slide the front part to complete. So we have brand new Driver with new look and name, Zero-Two Driver. But when we turn it on, it still… *Zero-One Driver* Because BANDAI know some people will know the exist of this button and try to exploit data of new form from it! By using Zero-Two Unit and Zero-Two Progrise Key, Aruto is no longer Zero-One.

He makeover and transform into Kamen Rider Zero-Two. The transformation steps is a little bit different. Instead of scan key in Driver to authorize it, we just open the front part. *Let give you power* The stand by sound is a catchy modern tune. Then active Progrise Key. *Zero-Two Jump* Key will automatically open, then insert it in to Driver to complete. *Zero-Two Rise* *Road To Glory Has To Lead To Growin' Path To Change One To Two Kamen Rider Zero-Two* *It Never Over* About the finisher, just push it as usual. *Zero-Two Big Bang* I'll explain for the difference in Zero-Two function! This isn't just to make a new product, but it also have meaning inside.

Before Zero-Two, we must scan for authorize to open key. But now we don't need to do that. Because ZEA now is a part of Zero-Two's power. Or you can know Zero-Two is the embody of ZEA. So it don't need permission because it is the A.I master. When transformation is complete, you can see Driver look quite familiar. That right! it's Ironman's Nanotech Arc Reactor. By that, we can see the high technology in future of Zero-Two. Zero-Two Progrise Key also can be played with other Driver and Riser. And the Zero-Two Driver can be played with other Key too. Zero-Two is a smart move of BANDAI. Make new Driver but don't lower old driver's valuable! Not only saving production costs, but also allowing buyer can get it without spending too much.

Design and sound is so cool and interesting. With all that advantage, these item are really valuable with Kamen Rider Zero-One's fans! However, the BANDAI has calculated to avoid scratching chrome-plated part when you play. But I think you should be careful to protect the beauty of these products. And that is all I want to introduce to you about these products! Don't forget to hit like and subscribe to encourage us! And don't miss the latest episode of Kamen Rider Zero-One too. Thank for watching! Goodbye and see you later! Gao Access!.

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