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Welcome back to TokuVN Media Team! Keep continue with products from Kamen Rider series,… … today, we'll talk about a product in a Kamen Rider series that made an big improvement to this franchise afterward. It's the improvement version of the first CSM product! CSM Double Driver from Kamen Rider Double. As we mentioned, Kamen Rider Double is a major innovation in the Kamen Rider series. With the early end of the previous series, Kamen Rider Decade, it has changed the beginning of the new series. Moreover, the strategy to release related products has also changed, especially Collection Items. Which previously were simply collectible items like cards attached to publications. Since Double, Collection Items began to be commercialized. The item is further invested in design, along with the unique gameplay. Collection Items plays a major role in changing the form and strength of Kamen Rider. Gaia Memory is the pioneer of Collection Items of this new era! The Heisei Rider era since Double was named "Neo-Heisei Rider" by fans. Now, I will start with the first version, which is also the first CSM product in history.

CSM DOUBLE DRIVER! The outer cover main colors are black and neon green,… … Kamen Rider Double's name is in the center with the W emblem. Products include Double Driver, belt fastener, Maximum slot holder and 6 Gaia Memories. The W Driver and Gaia Memories are used by the two main characters Hidari Shotaro and Philip to transform in to Kamen Rider W. By wearing the Double Driver, its users can connect directly to Philip's data,… … allows the user to use the power of two Gaia Mamories at the same time. The front of the Driver looks like a pipeline system of data with many wire details. Driver's front was painted in red which quite prominent compared to the belt, making the driver more eye-catching. Comes with the Driver are the Gaia Memories,… … an USB-shaped items containing data of the Earth with certain keyword and gives its users different abilities. Each Memory has its own color design,… … it's symbol is the first letter in the Memory's name stylized according to it ability,…

… as "Cyclone", the symbol would be the stylized "C" which look like a whirlwind. Driver's gameplay is quite simple, with 2 Gaia Memory slots divided into left and right halves. Left half for Gaia Memories has gold connector. The other side for Gaia Memories has silver connector. Insert Gaia Memory to corresponding slot, then pull Driver to complete transformation. Since this is a Driver for 2 users, after henshin the Driver form the letter W, represents two separate individuals become one. Moreover, letter "W" can be read as "double U". Besides, if you notice, the Memories in the left slot contain huge power of different forms,… … while the right side is more elemental. The pairs of Gaia Memory commonly used together are CycloneJoker, HeatMetal, LunaTrigger. To perform finisher, just insert Memory into the Maximum slot holder. Memory will produce different killing sounds. Because sounds depend on memory, you can see how valuable they are, please play it carefully. In October 2019, for the 10th anniversary of the Kamen Rider Double series,…

BANDAI announced the launch of CSM Double Driver version 1.5. At first, they are released in lottery form and the lucky ones will be the earliest owned it . Then it can be pre-order and launch in February 2020. Let's see if it has any other changes compared to the first version! About the box, it's divided into two, front and back, each side has each half of the CycloneJoker form, which is Double's default form. Next to image is the name of the product.

Compared to the old version, the box is slimmer. The gameplay has not changed from the old version. The difference is mostly about the appearance. Especially in these details:… … First is about the paint layers, which is more detailed and beautiful colors;… … Second is the belt, the left part is now detachable to be similar in the film, while previous version is impossible… … The inside of the belt has been changed the material, in the old version is leather, in version 1.5 is webbing;… … Third, in Gaia Memory, the decal part this time it was designed in 3D style and expanded with more sparkling details.

… The details on the decal have been reworked to similar to original props;… Fourth, the sound and light in Gaia Memories have been improved to be better than the old version. *Cyclone* As you can see, in version 1.5, the sound is louder, the lighting is also a lot brighter;… Finally, the button on Gaia Memory has been replaced with silver buttons, similar to the film design. … The connector has been painted more detailed! Overall, the name version 1.5 is very suitable,… … because this Double Driver version remains the same gameplay,… … just slightly modified in appearance to similar to original design. Therefore, those who own the first version also don't have to worry too much,… … because the appearance of version 1.5 does not reduce the value of the original version. Version 1.5 is a salvation for those fans who don't have CSM Double Driver when the current price of the original version is too high.

In addition, CSM Double Driver is quite close to the movie in term of design,….. so this is still a worthy product for fans of Kamen Rider Double. And that's all we want to introduce to you about these product! Don't forget to like and subscribe to encourage us! Thank you for watching! Goodbye and see you later!.

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