[TMT][333] Giới thiệu DX Dangerous Zombie Gashat và Bugster Buckle! Kamen Rider Ex-Aid! (Engsub)

Hello and welcome everyone to Kamen Rider toy discussion clip. And our product today is DX Dangerous Zombie Gashat and Bugster Buckle. When we put Gashacon BugVisor into Bugster Buckle it become Buggle Driver. This device for Kamen Rider Genm transform into Zombie Gamer LV10. Bandai also release 3 thing in 1 set with the name on the box is Buggle Driver. Dangerous Zombie is a zombie game like The Walking Dead, Dead Trigger,…

Or some other zombie game. It's size, form and function just like other Gashat. It has 2 diffirent thing, 1 is the image on the clear part is contorted, don't straight like other. 2 is it has 2 light. *Danger Dangerrrr* *Dead the crisis! Dangerous Zombie!* To transform into Zombie Gamer, we put BugVisor into Buckle. *Gachannn* then put Gashat into Bugvisor… *Gashat* Press this button… *Buggle Up* *Danger Dangerrrr* *Genocide*
*Danger Dangerrrr* *Genocide*
*Dead the crisis! Dangerous Zombie!* *Dead the crisis! Dangerous Zombie!* You can see the zombie is dancing. It just like the move of The King of Pop Michael Jackson in the song name Thriller.

To use the finisher, we press A and B button at the same time. Press A button again to make… *Critical End* or B button to make… *Critical Dead* But in DX we just press A or B button to charge, don't need to press them at the same time. We also use Buggle driver with other Gashat… *Gashat* *Buggle Up* *Mighty Mighty Mighty Mighty Action* *Genocide*
*Mighty Mighty Mighty Mighty Action* *Mighty Mighty Mighty Mighty Action* Dangerous Zombie Gashat can put into Gamer Driver. *Gashat* *Let's g….* *Gachan* *Level Up* *D-Dangerous Zombie* And Kimewaza with Kimewaza Slot Holder. *Gashat* *Kimewaza* *Dangerous Critical Strike* *Kaishin no Ippatsu* That all thing we want to show you this time. Next time is another stuff in KR Ex-Aid. It can level up to LV20. Goodbye and see you again..

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