[TMT][363] Giới thiệu CSM Faiz Axel, Kamen Rider 555! 仮面ライダー555!(Engsub)

Welcome back to TMT review! Today, I'll continue with CSM Kamen Rider products video. It's CSM Faiz Axel. The box's still designed luxurious. We can see Kr Faiz with "Start up" words on the packing. And "Time out" on the backside. Meaning he finished "Speed boost". And this is what we got inside. Featured point is its color. Red metalic and shiny glitter silver here. Screws are all painted meticulously better than DX ver. Also the surface watch decal looks like 3D vision. And it still has details symbols for a watch like DX ver. We have "SB-555W" here. Which means "Smart Brain – Faiz Watch". The difference of this CSM from DX. is the wrist strap, it just has one here. doesn't have the second one like DX. So it's loose easily, hard to set on my arm. About sound function, we got 2 red and black buttons here. Push the black one. We got 2 BGM in Kr Faiz series.

And it has no LED performance or Game mode for playing like DX. And the red one use for "Start Up". You also can Start Up with the BGM playing. And you can turn off the BGM while it's in work too. About Axel Memory Card, it does nothing with the watch even sound. Dx ver, when you remove this out. "Reformation" sound will come. But this CSM doesn't. But we can still the Axel Memory Card with Faiz Gear. The light will work while using it. And "Reformation" I told you before. Removing it… It included here. With this CSM, we all can see the meticulous work of producer. It can't compare with Morphin Brace of GB about play function. But we got 2 BGM. And that's all I got for this product. Thanks for watching and see you next time! Bye!.

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