[TMT][954] Giới thiệu DX Trinity Ridewatch! Kamen Rider Zi-O! 仮面ライダージオウ!

Welcome back to TokuVN Media Team toys review channel! Today isn't about the dinosaurs,… We'll talk about the king of time – Zi-O, and a brand new item. Which is the RideWatch in my hand! First of all, let's talk about the origin of this RideWatch. After White Woz stolen Zi-O II & Geiz Revive RideWatch,… Two RideWatch reacted with his power,… Then created the new RideWatch,… It allow Zi-O combine the power of Geiz & Black Woz,. .. To become Zi-O Trinity. Back to the main product. The body of it is in pink,… Highlighted by the pearl case & button. Besides, there are some black parts like the hinge,… And the lower cases. When we look from its side, we can see it's thicker than other RideWatch.

Similar to previous RideWatch,… Press the button, we can hear the name & the quote of this RideWatch in order. *Zi-O Trinity* *Geiz and Woz, the great Zi-O who has been benefited with the power of three,… *Zi-O Trinity!!!* However, the front of it isn't lights up . To transform into Zi-O Trinity,… Attach RideWatch into driver,… At this time, the case will open,… It'll cover the screen of driver and reveal the inner screen of RideWatch. Then turn the button to open each case,… First Geiz's case,… Then Woz's case,…. Each time the case is opened, the waiting music is the sound of corresponding Rider's driver.

To complete transformation process, we hit the button & rotate driver. *Rider Time* *Kamen Rider Zi-O* *Trinity Time* *The power of three! Kamen Rider Zi-O! Geiz! Woz! Trini~ty! Trinity!* The finisher process is similar to previous RideWatch,… However, the finisher of Trinity Ridewatch depends on how many time we press the button,… Press once is "Solo Time Break",… Twice is " Duo Time Break Burst",… Triple is "Trinity Time Break Burst Explosion". Back to transformation. What if we don't open all the cases,… I'll make an example,… As you heard, the sound is shorter & not complete. In overall, Zi-O Trinity RideWatch isn't too prominent. Because the concept & gameplay of it has appeared before. Especially, the trinity combine form has appeared in Den-O,… Agito, Kiva, etc. An item open case that cover driver's screen is similar to Hyper Muteki of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Because the springs isn't strong enough,…

Result in sometime the case is deviated. This is also a pity. However, the meaning of this RideWatch is very interesting! Three Riders in a body,… That represents 3 aspects of time: past, present, and future. The combination of Zi-O with Geiz & Woz,… That's also similar to the support of Geiz & Woz, always by Sougo side,… Sougo's compassion is empowered by Geiz's strength,… And being led by the erudite , calm thought of Woz. All of them will make the king grow up & follow the right path,… And then become the best king of all. Reviewing about the growing power of Zi-O,… We can see the increasing of number,… The main form use one RideWatch,… Next is Zi-O II, which divide RideWatch into two. After it is Zi-O Trinity which combine the power of three Riders.

Then maybe in the future, Zi-O will use the power which corresponds to number 4!?! Let's wait for it! And that's all about DX Zi-O Trinity! The story of Zi-O still has a long way to go,… Let's keep following the latest episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O,… To see the challenge & new power waiting for him in the future. And don't forget to thumbs up & subscribe to follow TMT latest review! Thank you for watching! Goodbye & see you again in next review! REJOICE!!! You wanna hit it into my face!?!

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