Toku Time: Kamen Rider Agito Review

Oh time you woke up we've got to show it you and you go out and get [ __ ] wasted drinking to get choked in and decade off your mind it doesn't work not smell alright to you rager I don't have video or anything how should I know you humans all smell the same to me why did someone hurt you little feelings now get up so what's your doing today you forgot about the show group willing to review today instead of children now it's all that animate and type you've been downloading riding your tiny human brain what are you talking about rager we don't have any jin-tae on the hard drive yeah right we don't right anyway here watch this memorize it oh hi I'm Easy Rider and welcome to Toco time we're getting your memories back isn't always a good thing well folks let's talk about steeples for a minute no not that kind of sequel kamen rider is no stranger to sequels some good examples are kamen rider v3 which involved the two original riders training a new rider hence version three latin rx continues the story of the main writer from kamen rider black coat ROV nami now he has new forms and new powers in 2001 we'd get our only series sequel to date in the Kamen Rider Heisei era this is kamen rider audio the series is the 30th anniversary one of the talon rider franchise yeah it's like one of those direct-to-video sequels you find in video stores the difference you ask this indirect sequel does it son I like to compare to the blood sport deceased the sequels were so far too awful and other than a few minor connections to the first one it was the same fly with just a different character well that and Daniel Bernhard is a bad damn phone that's beside the point jean-claude Van Damme yeah it's more like John Claude gosh-darn yeah well if that obscure reference out of the way let's do as the theme song says and like any good common item show we gotta check out the opening first pretty cool huh welcome back to the Osaka 500 you know I'm reminded of another show with motorcycle watching this we start again on the coast where the locals find this giant thing no snow cone maker maybe who wanted strawberry cut to some lab where the police are actually building a man-made Kamen Rider armor the g3 system oh and since we haven't done this in a while training montages and wasn't so long it I was defending the swamp sometime final after contract solo sneaks up from behind I was loved and I wish to be dead but the Empress put me up and deliver me from Hell so my brain is in between like a ghost in the shell' physical weight compression and my ability to care stated to from her but it wasn't ever there and in the very particular more resistant ray sworn to kill the kid I put a structure in the face our lab rat here's Makoto he Kawa he is joined by the g3 creator ozawa and the forgettable other guy Oh Marone together they are the g3 units cut to our protagonist Sagami show ichi he washed ashore some time ago with no memories of his former life ah another rider with amnesia why do I keep getting pulled back to Kamen Rider decade oh no det Kato show Ichi spends his time as a gardener a butler and a cook us what if I kill newzik with those myself what the Kim Yuna that's good body hi he also lives with jailbait I mean mana played by a young Rina Akiyama so it's good to know I'm addicted I got this it's so exciting tonight it's up hey mom I'd like you to meet my friend aya I think you two are gonna become very close in the future very very close it seems her father was murdered years ago and the case still remains unsolved I'm sure that has nothing to do with the new evil only lurking in the darkness killing innocent civilians damn chester Cheetah turned to a life of crime to feed his addictions good god man get help so it's Robocop I mean xiii-2 the rest of you Connect Sona oh darn the battery's dead why do I count this as a writer fail will count it anyway right or fail long thank God the real hero is here Kamen Rider Akito shows the second-rate blue Centurion here how it's done say it say it best writer chick so will these two writers get along or is it time yet again for the J hero justice system good morning your honor I'm here to represent mr.

I veto in this case there are we'd like to change our plea to guilty and throw ourselves on the mercy of the court the J hero justice is guilty until proven innocent and a court of 50 episodes or less later on we meet this jailed up fella Ishihara Rio he is an accomplished swimmer and he's always looking out for number one hold the temptation to do a Michael Phelps joke so denise demuccio car attached notable Donna utakata scum chicken on my lu-shi local gonna be dinner goodie that he's upset because his father apparently committed suicide so he refuses to let anyone get close to him even his own girlfriend but don't make him angry because he turns into the angry Kamen Rider mermen no it's Kamen Rider gills actually no one strikes my girlfriend but me he's a writer with one page [ __ ] for many reasons what oh how those supposed to be a clip of Barack of a world con that too late now anyway that gizmo from before actually opened then oh it's a puzzle box well instead of unleashing say no bites or Gordon priests it releases this stuff what the hell is that Shrek here it oh and it turns out there was a baby in there too music on the Antichrist it's here so it seems Damien is controlling these evil oni but there's someone more sadistic more evil than these hell spawn Hojo fully subbed out thorn you surfer 3 system get juice get Brutus cat zombie hope Jesus was awesome Moo's okay i'ma show my stuff ha ha total timoni it tellin knowledge keep on dunno that's what I said am I saying you not anymore this was are you tomorrow so the cops finally named these new only the unknown to separate them from the unidentified life-forms we saw in CUDA 2 years ago that young gonna need a master raka Kamil so Luis la cerva saw I mean to scaleo and I know meanwhile Rio begins hunting down people his father new years ago on the Akatsuki vote it seems the boat was lost in a storm but he towers showed up just in time to save the passengers so in other words No you owe me a new life pod but they refuse to talk about the event like it never happened please someone they stole an onion Joey G spider-sense seems to go up whenever it wants to now spider-sense danger and IV tail games new spear and sword forms just like kuba surprisingly modified me now Levi so I'm gonna tell me that that I see University demonios I yo Coco guys so it's good night person and it's up mana do you see now it's perfectly natural be different I mean we all have things that make us unique and our little way even girls your age have an enemy that goes to larger than normal size and when Awards in certain countries for that but I'm sure you won't have that problem hmm now let's go have dinner shall we well getting back to the show the seeker comes as these survivors have supernatural powers and they seem to be on the top of the unknowns hit list god the show is so confusing do make a heroes reference or lost reference the shells more confusing than those two combined so now the fully grown up Damien enlists alaki name Tatsuya to find the both survivors and boost their powers okay I thought there were their enemies but one of these poor souls is a girl named Ashley who both Shuichi and Ryo seem to like a supernatural soap opera ladies and gentlemen the young and the riders will return after these messages Hakala tries to defend on ito in front of the higher-ups at the police force until Oh mojo offers the idea to capture I veto thinking he can control him neither Scott Seann Soichi go talk at all so then it's impossible because you never stole another one its key value like a state oversight tatsuya away kentucky's full abilities and she goes a little Exorcist on their asses well yes do not kill Hojo for all of us oh so close but when she dies after an unknown attack ryo gets this idea dude it's totally not what it looks like and thus the Agito guilds rivalry began fangirls across the nation were divided unfortunately g3 can't keep up with these mystical riders but it's okay oh Sawa gets the bright idea to upgrade gentlemen we can build it better faster stronger than Kotaku power is thank you for not smoking meanwhile mana reveals that she has power too and she helps it how I get closer to finding out who killed her father oh my god it's one of those tapes our kill you in seven days don't put it in don't put it in destroy it eventually she eats he regains his memories by falling into water okay I guess I can buy that Tetsu you confronts him and tells him the truth about what happened he was in love with his sister you kena but something caused her to commit suicide even though he tried to save her so Ichi takes it well we're just full of damn it's got a lot it's got your mcconnell coming yeah but that store since there seems nothing Ryo finds two more survivors including hey it's Mel hi Velma that's Jackie and you think he treats everyone meets like this but Tatsuya Puli awakens mana power and she puts it to good use by going carry on the popular girls asses oh and she uses her fully awakened power now to revive Ryo five episodes later which would make this entire subplot isn't at all like us he kinda thinks that unknown is behind her father's dead until Oh Dora Manasseh nodosa cousin eviction court as you came home for Joe Sangha a jido a Dios Nanako Tennessee Democratic Committee Niska yeah he finally sees that certain people have abilities that could be connected to all this congratulations Oh Joe it only took you 30 episodes to get a clue bazinga eventually should we cheerio discover who they are and REO finally learns the truth come on no me out of it a skill ii of been acting Schuster crimp oh my gosh da da da moneh cut the banana oh so it was you you tried to kill me because you thought I killed the girl you love no honest mistake no hard feelings no hard feelings at all one of the strongest I'm no more L war according to media seems to come to life from Velma and goes after I veto all my rights to sue das no water suited he remembers it and fears for his very life and goes into what I like to call the self-doubt cycle mana help shall we she get his courage back by making from a salad so it's gonna sign it as well but it's Krypton yeah I gotta find the cargo that a galaxy detail so it's gonna bounce it up so eg returns the balance uns to burden the Ring of Fire how much down one fire and it burns burns bar so water Lord retreats to Damien's room you I'm sure Daniel reacted his loss in a simple and calm manner it seems one of the survivors is also like a keto tina he has the power to turn into I'm not kidding another odd Yuto no seriously that's what he's called why not just call him I'm Yuto ha ha he's a doctor by day a kamen rider by night but he doesn't seem to be a team player and tries to kill the other riders an evil version of a good rider trying to kill the good one well that came out of nowhere he seems a bit too Benton because his right arm belongs to his little brother who died on snow mountain what is with the abandonment issues on this show one minute a father is gone one that EXO loses a brother or a sibling or a wife or a girlfriend God anyway he knows friend codes he gives up his supernatural powers to give it to Rio who gets a new exceed form which he uses just in time to do this LaDainian sends out his water Lord even stronger than before and the four riders combined are no match for a bump on the head sure enough helps Elise you remember who he is and everything that happened which I will try to summarize at this moment keyword is try Damien and his twin brother are overlords of darkness and light Oh he commands all of us and his main intent is unquestionably to do evil whatever so darkness cheats to win but with lights dying breath he passes on his power of odd to talk to the human race oh my and longer go the movie adder and he can't that's my gosh it's kind of light eventually appears on the Akatsuki shut up alright it's not like I have any lines in the show he presents the power to meet OCD don't forget it anyway it's revealed that Shuichi is actually named Tatsuya and vice-versa when he washed ashore he had the envelope on its person which has his current name on it and the assumes the name luckily thanks to our friend the Sun Shuichi gains a new shyness and finishes off the evil waterfall again every tree Overlord realizes he's losing and finally gets off his ass to fight buggy cheats and takes their powers but three of them try to fight as their normal selves but that doesn't work but with a little help from g3x Oh and the three used that a rider takes to finish off overlords last unknown boy but Kino didn't make it what alas poor Kino I knew him in the brief amount of episodes he was in how can we play something as a tribute for him something please isn't the show over even understand I mean they once they beat overlord and he goes into a yellow coma micelle off what up boy what is the point of all this they've gone on with their normal lives token faith logical I think the show just gave up I don't think it knows it's over it doesn't care so why should I I'm just gonna fast forward to the credits hear something about a scorpion and a constellation and a hawk girlonabike and people dying wait a second Yonatan de lo que una camioneta toda por nada que demos and Rafael Cordeiro service near Santa Chiara citizen is unity neither institutions sorry except for sending a note saying sorry – no – it seems O Lord is planning to wipe out all the humans not just the ones with Adi Tosi's but there's one major evil left in the world he finally makes the brass think that I Vito is a bigger threat than the unknown hint they decide to assist them from now on and even worse Overlord brings out his other lure to earth and win but when Shuichi goes to stop them oh okay okay we're cool cool I surrender you got me Hojo you and and and the other guy from t3 team luckily King Khalid ozawa gets the bright idea to steal the tea trailer back and help show ichi fight Hojo let hold it hold it hold it Hojo you've been after the g3 system for 50 episodes and you back off almost instantly he needs a wife g3x and gills show up to help high heat oh stop the Lords of earth and win but how will we defeat the mighty overlord he's a god he's immortal he's he's getting away the same way we kill everything back ridiculously overpowered rider kick and they did all that without CG wings suck on that code in oh yeah and so we get a nice peek into the futures of our heroes I won't spoil it for you but it wraps everything out nicely well time for pros and cons the Lords this is one of the few races and monsters that didn't possess a human or pose as a human the overlord of darkness why does he keep switching sides one minute he's giving on youto this power and then he's trying to kill it man who'd have thought this big man was bipolar this is my personal favorite the reaction from key colony discovers who show each he is it's pretty damn funny how he can't believe it at first and how life-changing it must be Joe Ichi tells them to eat just kind of accepts it like he finished dinner alone earlier than usual and then there's this hilarious response don't let it so much that extends soul disco Ocasek okay Dennis does you know that's all – the riders themselves usually you have to wait 20 or 30 episodes to see new riders but in five episodes were introduced to the main three there's also a variety of riders you have the main hero I'm Ito with its various forms the beast light kills rider that Amazon and chin fans can come to love or the man-made mechanical t3 that doesn't need magic but has enough firepower orbit Arnold Schwarzenegger take your pick the pointless subplots why kill off Riyadh you're just gonna bring him back to life by episodes later why is overlord takagi toes power if they just get him back the next episode it boggles the mind for the first time ever on this show I have a neutral point to me this may sound like nitpicking again but this show actually showed both smoking and drinking beer part of me would love to [ __ ] about at this point you know they're kids right on the other hand it does make the show seem more grown-up and wal mature and it doesn't make you feel like you're watching something aimed at kids final analysis I do to be good not bad I've had many requests to review this show because a lot of my fans say it's an overlooked Kamen Rider series it's not over-the-top and goofy like say dinner but it has been suspense I couldn't go over everything in this show and this review but you can't really enjoy the series until you watch it for yourself gonna try some time well I guess that wraps everything up here except for one thing hey mana look I'm just gonna write you out this number and address to this guy named owner he runs this little thing called den liner and they're always looking for young people like yourself and well it's never too early to think about the future because they're all about the future so just Mull that over on Easy Rider and remember side effects may include memory loss me Oishi Jimmy see what I really mailed that one in oh hey everybody I'm easy Peterson of the internet stoked I'm here to discuss something very important I know we focus on a lot of stuff today water and these people on boats but one thing that affects everybody in the world people with glyphs on a hand that want to enhance your supernatural abilities when a stranger with a glyph on his hand approaches you in public you got it let's see if Joey's that smart that's right get out of there find the cap of the Ryder system namely g3 to assist you remember kids telekinesis kills good night everybody

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