Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider 1 (Ichi Gou)

famed ow Oh I firstly started now and this is my review of mass rider 1 Ichigo that was a long or regardless this is the box we got it black neatly done my own part I truly do like the box art it’s really different from the other shf that we ensure so far so for our equestrians like Ichigo it’s a different form like for example they get genuinely entire notes much brighter one as it thoughts black and white Ichigo come around or one come frisked on diet forever as it regards blurs my swagger one and another blurb and fear the lines like you identify at ichigo’s side from the arms like now and there yeah that’s right one as it regards my square one and at the back constitutes but it’s a different kind of design which is kind of simple but it describes interesting thing like for example or spotlights off the lavatory like shampoo molding there’s a molding and aftermaths persona because it came within a text role for the writer writer chick and moveable moveable and word in Japanese and that’s it and I’m so excited to open this one because I’ve seen a lot of not really a lot but a great deal of photos online and he truly ogles epic so Open Sesame now we got a significant number of accessories we got the effects duty for the foot by the foot this gives you g1 and he has a weapon I forgot what it is there a word for this weapon I have no clue it’s a thin matting sword and resilient and then it’s bathing in silver we got the cool detail on the end the other end of the sword let me just give you quick look yeah it looks like I’m evil I have the flu or a falcon I actually have no clue and this one is Mac red it’s not really that glossy well compared to what you see right now on the camera but rest assured it’s flaming red they got the extra scarf or at least extension of the scarf and then we got to holding pass time to hold the sword weapon but horn all right have no clue what that is it’s faded whoa it’s depicting in matte silver-tongued and simple design for the gauntlets because back in the day they used precisely regular gauntlets unlike today they have really detailed look for the entrusts and we got two open pass now and we got shot two chopping mitts and then there’s another similar sounding chopping side but the thumb is folded towards the palm of the side I think this is mainly used for those henshin poses that we verify on the substantiate mm-hmm yeah that’s it and let’s move will or to Ichigo we got the guy who started it all and it’s an old-school helmet if you ask me and the horns are left towards the back of the helmet these are fold up enough truly foldable but these are really thin antennas and I’m really scared on grade my my digit over here because it feels tenuous ask me and then we got this pale green helmet with a Silver Line paint over here and scarf and really good seams which is really far cry from the old-fashioned shf mold so we got a really good range of flow as you can see here because there are no hindrances that is a rotatable forearm on a hinge same articulation levels there’s no difference between this and the latest shf the Showa equestrians and certainly hand the first fear come rider belt and good item at the back which is the light it harbours the mouth all together and it’s a good thing that they should they are also presentation some of the detail on the propagations for the costume because it’s an update back in the day it’s not that sim seamless and it’s just like one costume thing so it’s like a two-piece costume a back in the day and then they try to make it actually similar to when they go in band I made this toy and got still that extended hips it’s really really close-fisted and double insignificant silver-tongued wrinkles right here but I don’t see any extra halo on the trendies it’s only the old school I entail not really old school but what the hell are you ensure on recent liberations or we got the hip swivel and there’s no hinge over hinge type of foot design it’s just pellet jointed the foot and the hinge on the toe and there are details underneath the foot and that’s all – wait – Ichigo yeah really looks nice actually nice detailed information on on each Ichigo and he really gapes epic and and this is the one of them boosted sh f modes I’ve seen still further and it gazes plain on my video but contemplating periodical on the first hand it’s really nice he inspects epic one notable thing about Ichigo is the torso articulation as it can bend certainly far towards the back or that but can’t do like a good contribute crunch that’s it and you can just replace the extended scarf or the end of the scarf with this so this extra accessory time feels like it’s planted on his chest whereas the other one is like playing movement and then this one has good selection and then let’s replace the hands with a entire the additional view paws but this time since it feels like the paws are connected together so I preferably slip this underneath and then time to let him comprised it takes a while before the fingers separate one another to mold into the sword that’s it and then let’s place the a defined constituent so oh okay got it it fits right in and you can get that title or knock really sorry about that I’m just trying to do used to the effects right do you have a trick yeah let me just figure this out for a moment there you go and you precisely need to push this further so it can fit amply on the paw and then if you have a Thomas East and you can have him on a scribe knock constitute then it looks really nice and particularly with the effects side you’ve seen previews of the figure on different websites and different vlogs and it really delivers that awesomeness for Ichigo or it’s really ups the bet against all the sh f chassis I’ve seen and it just comes to show that the first the first scribe is the most epic one yeah truly recommend highly recommended figure again you check the photos at the end of the video and do expressed support for my blog place for the colligative and check out all of connections I placed on a different page for photos for revises or shade wheels I’ll is being done for the next few months right okay ah

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