Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider # 1 (Old)

I just fire starter and this is a review of the SH FiguArts comin writer one or this is the original or what they call the old edition so this is the original suit and we can see the figure now and then photo of the writer and then his insignium is out there and then we have mask monitor one on top and on the other side and then at the back some details of all the figures peculiarly we optional optional parts and molding and such and let’s open the box and let’s take a look on the SH representations coming novelist one the SH fleshes come in writer one age-old edition or the original suit edition is somewhat a variance from this apology may secrete as the first common writer dres the above figures is taking from the same mold as the separate explanation with a lighter color of light-green for most parts a more pallid deepen eyes but this has a metallic decorate work on its helmet the two mufflers and the first four duet of hands is the same with this suffer edema version but on the pitch Bandai has added three more extra hands one of which is to hold the mine one of these sides is supposed to hold the mind by taking out one of its horns it is difficult truly to find it specific tusk since there are no distinguishable markers another use for this bomb is to attach on the translucent wherever knock effect that pushes into Kamen Rider once for final prior to mention is his bow staff with a ornamented leader on the two sides in a silver-tongued midsection and this is just a quick comparison between the next Sakurajima version and Sheen Ichigo so this is the figure it seems like he is taller than Sakurajima so he too boasts a lighter shadow of green the lightest among the two copies and then let me go through the saying stations for this figure we have a head and cervix joint shoulder articulation there are no upper bicep chipped here but it has a doubled jointed joints and rotation and then we have upper torso and waist same leg push as the Sakurajima and shin Ichigo and then we have a ankle joint and a total brace so that we have the same frame with Sakurajima and kamen equestrian shin Ichigo but there are some differences here like for example we have a paler shade of compound noses and then a metallic president sculpt or depict work on the helmet so it seems like the feelers likewise are different from both illustrations now but at least we have the original edition of Kamen Rider one in SH records chassis and that’s all you need to know about this figure in my simple knowledge of the streak I think there should be a blue-blooded account similar to the next since I was looking at stock photos and medicals secretes if it is it will baffle first time coming novelist followers and fix that difference between three liberates but that is only on my thinkings as for the overall packet I have no issue when it comes to articulation price and optional fractions even with that been said it is almost impossible to use the ointment with the rider knock impact since this is not all-inclusive with a Tamachi stage and that is my review of the SH figures coming columnist one old explanation if you want to know the possibilities for this figure ever check out the photos at the end of the video and expressed support for my blog for the full written examine this is far starter thank you very much for watching and keep it here for more doll discuss you

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