Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Delta

hi this is firestarter and this is a review of the SH figures come and write a delta from common artifice finally that trio is now complete we can see the figure right here doing all the poses and Delta inside and sh t regards blurb delay the layout somewhat is similar to come ratifies we have the details right here at the bottom Kamen Rider Delta Delta Delta and at the back we just have three poses and some details about the figure now let's open the box so we can compare him with Feist and Kaiser finally completing the three protagonists in bondage popular lineup is this SH figures coming right there Delta from the top shots of series Kamen Rider fights the figure follows the suit design seen on the shows such as the white accented lines featuring that prototype like networks that makes Delta unique the parts that defied the monotone color are the triangle crest on his chest and his compound eyes despite the character has only one known weapon the SH figures representation has several replaceable parts there is an extra Delta driver without the mission memory six swappable hands to Delta phones three kinds of Delta movers with two LCD screens the screens works as an open and closed modes for only two versions of the Delta mover and only one of the Delta phone triggers can be attached to the camcorders however each of the Delta movers has a peg sticking out allowing to be pegged on the swing holster so let's make a height difference between Phi's Delta and Kaiser and here we go and then I think Delta is quite stockier because of the shoulder pads but most of the modes are almost the same it's just that Delta has more cornered attributes rather than Phi's and Kaiser so let's put both aside and check out the articulation points for this figure we have a head and neck joint shoulder pads that go up and down and then upper bicep cut double jointed elbow a wrist joint upper torso and waist quite flexible just like the other two and then hip movement goes up and down and then swivel swim side to side and then double jointed knees and ankle joint and a toe joint the ankle joint is similar also to command ratifies so one of those things that you need to be careful of is or are the knee caps right here it does fall off just like ice I advise if you're not careful enough and you might lose them if you have played with this for so long and I really like the details on Delta I'm glad he came out of the sh figures line I was really waiting for this for so long and I'm really diggin the black and white accents and the yellow compound eyes I think this is another one of my favorites because I'm really a huge fights fan and if you have the chance to get this this is a regular released figure and this really would match with your other sh 4 guards come ratifies and come Ryder Kaiser the set is kept simple with the attachments and accessories following the characters true form and purpose I am glad that the joints are consistent with Kaiser and fights despite the advances on the latest sh t regards releases some might still welcome the huge thighs of the figure but in my opinion still fits Delta and I don't want this in any other way and that is my review of the SH figures coming writer Delta if you want to know the possibilities for this figure always check out the photos at the end of the video and subscribe to my blog for the full written review this is our starter thank you very much for watching and keep it here for more toy reviews that's crispy

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