Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Den-O Ax Form

hi this is firestarter and this is a review of the sh figuarts kamen rider then no ass form and this is the box this is another Tamashii web exclusive and we have the figure here in front and you can see a window that showcases this figure and similar to commemorate or dinners sword forum we have each tracks here and the name kamen rider denno X 4 so us on the other side and at the back showcases some of the details about this figure now let's open the box and let's take a look on coming writer denno x1 the SH figures kamen rider denno ass forum is another Tamashii web exclusive following the sword forms face design ax forms design involves a huge blade in front of his den command mass resembling the kanji for gold its chest is taken from the denno sword form but flipped around then change the shoulder Nico's and thighs to yellow there are 9 hand replacements that are carried over from the recent demo releases plus the holster then gasher pieces this set will not be complete without the demo rider pass and the perfect looking Ben gasher axe the main highlight of this latest dental offering is the huge effects that you can either use separately or combine them together for a bigger impact for the figure unfortunately this didn't come with a stage to recreate that jumping axe finisher now let's go through the articulation points for this trigger we have a head and neck articulation we have upper torso and waist and then we have shoulder pads that go up and down and if you flip this one up this section here is flat so this is the first time I've seen it on an SH regards we have an upper bicep cut elbow joint double dead double elbow joint and then we have a hinge here on the wrists and then we have waist but it is quite hindered for him to bend backward and move forward because of the chest and this accent here hitting on the dental belt just like so so it's quite limited and then we have a leg articulation similar to come writer there no sword form double jointed knees inch also on the toe and a joint here at the ankle so that's all you need to know about the articulation points so some of the limitations I've already mentioned is on the waist joint although you can twist this 360 but if you want to lean this figure forward and backward it is hitting on the common rather than a belt so that's one in hindrance and then another thing is although you can move these shoulders to the front it is hindered going to the back because of the sword form accent piece here at the back I wish a band I did or included a hinge here so I can still extend this or this farm going to the back and those are just minor nitpicks overall I really like they know as form just because he doesn't have this big head and unproportioned body and everything looks fine you don't have to worry about the loosening of joints and problems with doing a lot of poses for this figure so I really like it and if you want $18.00 form this is the way to go the SH figures come entitled nos form is in short consistent with the latest dental releases X form has all the pieces needed to complete the experience plus are very nicely crafted effect parts one of the small thoughts I have are the waist and upper torso articulation having limitations I really wanted to extend the limits of this figure since this is a key selling point of the SH FiguArts line the rest of the execution for me is spot-on and that is my view of the SH FiguArts kamen rider denno X form if you want to know the possibilities and details for this figure check out the photos at the end of the video and subscribe to my blog for the full written review this is far starter thank you very much for watching and keep it here for more toy reviews you

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