Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Fourze Elek States

hi if I started here and it has been a while since I reviewed them sh4 yards and we have here kamen rider 4 z LX states and this the box it is in color supposed to be colored gold but we have a yellow box with Kamen Rider for Z with his image gradient leave placed here at the poor ground and we have here that says SH 4 yards and it has been a while since we saw Kamen Rider as an introduction to the SH FiguArts line II actually for is one of the few days figure arts that has the common rider name instead of mask rider you have here elect States the lightning bolts or anything that is related to electricity we have here also on the face of the box Tom rider force logo here Thomas missions Bandai camera and for the War Z for Z and Kamen Rider for Z at the back of the box gate it says here he has scissors scissors be module burger – droid believed the rod and all the goodies that you want to see on Kamen Rider for is it elect states and then let's cut it short let's go through everything that's inside of the box all right Kamen Rider for select states has a humble number of accessories meaning six pictures in total and one of them is a bland switch but you can use every time the annex which is on something else like ability the rod there are also total of five hands in Caesar module and I think beat module there are a total of three slots on the Billy the broadsword and it's not even a so plugging on each of the corners the end of the sword is a translucent dark plastic which provides an illusion that this is something of power if it interchange the whole quadrant that elects which embedded in no problem at all the cutest thing that you ever see is the burger food raid however the problem on the burger food Roy is that your robot mode doesn't stand up and keeps on falling down inserting the modules has the same gimmick as coming right across the base things first it entails removing the shin and plugging in the beef module and bringing in the foot bath same thing goes with the Caesar module in addition to the gimmick for the scissor module is that it has an extra hinge that you can open and close the scissors just like what it does on the show the problem I encountered with four select states on its mode is the shoulders and because of the big accents on the shoulders it doesn't allow Kamen Rider for is it racist arms as it would with de States what I like about Kamen Rider for Z is the mode on the head which entails two layers of clear plastic one for the face and of course is compound eyes in another exciting part about a variety for select states is that the modules are neutral and you can even use those on common writer for survey states at least and I did a superb quality control keeping everything in check in creating common rider for select States I'm not really a fan of the elect States mood but I said experiment for those who are keen in collecting all of the states in common writer for say s aids regards so if you want to know the possibilities for this figure do check out the pictures at the end of the video and do subscribe to my blog spot for the polaroid interview this is firestarter thank you very much for watching and see you on my next review

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