Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryugen Budou Arms

hi this is for Stoughton and this is a review sorry sorry for the accent this is a review of the sh free cards coming right or you can do dual arms or great arms so this packing I like the design overall we still have the same elements such as the name and then we have SH figures blurb you see the figure inside and then logos here and their names on each side with a hint of a window right here and also on the other side and then at the back we just have two poses for the figure now let's open the box so I can tell you more about the figure and the contents inside Mickey's base form receives the one of the best representations in a small figure scale with the release of the SH figures coming right over you then Budo arms this grape based armor Chinese soldier form sees a mix of mainly purple and green pallets and flame accents the figure has a detachable lopsy and a moving color on the Sengoku driver what this comes with are seven extra wrists replacements a great block seed and grape dragon gun with swappable longer hammer the hammer can be replaced through a simple peg system in preparation for the dragon shop so this is the figure now let's go through the articulation points and the movable parts on this figure we have a head and neck joint a really nice articulation and spacing between the color and the neck joint and then this chest right here has a quite a joint so you can side-to-side it does help in most of the arm articulation we have these armor parts right here is segmented into two joints and it does flap around quite nicely and I'm not really bothered by this because on the show anyway whenever you can moves around these also flap really loosely and then we have articulation points on the shoulders and then we have upper bicep swivel double-jointed elbow wrist joint upper torso and waist sometimes it does have limitation on the way with waist joint just because of this hitting the lock scene and also the single co-driver and then this one this piece right here in the front is in a very soft plastic so you don't have any hindrance also moving the legs from front and back and we have joints also upper thigh swivel you can move right here and double jointed knees and ankle joint and a toe joint I'm really support surprised with the execution for this figure as you can see on this video I keep on losing the lock seat on on the single blue driver it's my fault because I didn't really have the chance to lock this one really tightly on the single little driver I like I like the paint applications all green metallic and even the purple or violet accents right here are really done light nicely even the helmet right here is seamless but you can see the difference between the front and back part of the figure right here and there's nothing I could complain about Ryu Ken this is a really nice figure great job from Banzai and this one is really done and executed perfectly so if you have the chance to get this one I do recommend it especially for kamen rider ryu ken finds the SH figures coming right over you can Budo arms might be one of the closest suit to toy representations in the Kamen Rider gaim series its metallic paint applications the support that claim even more highlights are not only the proportions of the joints but also the possibility of the figure the parts that you think that would hinder the movement of the limbs are actually non-existent therefore I do highly recommend this figure and that is my review of the SH FiguArts Kamen Rider ryujin boudu arms if you want to know the possibilities and details of the figure check out the follows at the end of the video and subscribe to our blog for the full written review this is firestarter thank you very much and keep it here for more toy reviews that's

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