Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Yuuki

hi jack form hi if I start er here and this is my review of that sage figure arts mask writer you coming tonight or dental countdown movie I don't know what why I keep on doing that but here's the box we have a very familiar gray and black design we have the Tamashii web logo here now becomes Tom Shean dot JP nowadays and we have here the movie logo here at the bottom come on writer Yuki with the whip and then yeah I'm right looky looky yeah I almost said Kamen Rider Lee Yuki and at the back of some of the poses for masquerade Yuki here we go again Ryu ki we have the water mark of his name at the back Japanese blurred ball all over because essays for girls has been like try starting to boom back then and the exclusives are in infancy so we don't have a lot yet back then exclusive figures not unlike today that we are bombarded by too much exclusives we don't know which one to buy and it's really difficult to collect nowadays but one of the one of the things that were hard to get is Yuki Yuki was like price asked at 12,000 yen and then went down a thousand and then during my minder 18 week I got him for 3500 yen which is a surprising drop since I've seen him price at 12 now we have like 35 it say I'm just lucky because that's the last one on Mandrake but it if you still want to get one of these figures it still sells like four thousand to the biggest at six thousand so it's not as bad as before like 8,000 7,000 yen now without further ado let's open the box and let's see the contents so we have here the accessories a start with a whip so it's like a plain whip well together but it's not painted which I kind of complain because on the box as you can see here or on the show it has a different shade of colors like it will be gray over overlapping white but on this one is just playing whites but if you have the skill to paint over and make it cut like the correct one we can do so if you have the skill because I don't have the skill I won't do it we have the savage capture the savage capture just like to then gaseous piece together to make a huge badass sword so as you can see here there are evidences that it is a mash to mash ten gashes so that's really nice and tool this is really badass and it's a cross between a sword and an axe so don't they're a mess with me mhm and we have here the ghost imagine sword well it looks like a sword that I did I read before with let me see who the hell that is I forgot but whoever she was in my real say it's similar to the sword I got for free and this one looks like it has the illusion that it is really sharp but only the tips are really pointy and it can it couldn't hurt you really and this one is painted in really shiny silver and the rest is in matte color so it has the illusion that it is a die cast metal but neck in actuality it's not we have two fists and two open hands yes back then most of the figures that came out of the shf line didn't have a holding hand power I mean they'd had a holding hand as the default hands but during our back in the day two years ago fist hands were optional so we have the dengar pieces here and the den gusher holder believe me there's no difference between the dengar holders with Gao and new dental so with a Yuki it's still the same so you need to plug those onto these holders to complete his look and I like Gao it has a sort of pieces here or tabs to let you know which part goes to which slot and we have here the skull form for the head that's a skull skull yes I'm the first scan and we have the skull form arm it's pretty much the same as the default arm on his right just a replacement here and we have the scars for the skull form and this one is for highjack form there's no difference between the modes it's just that it's that differently so this one is painted in gold this one is painted in red and silver so that's the only difference I see here here so that's all about the accessories let's move to Yuki and I almost forgot to mention he also comes with the inception top no he didn't start in the movie but in the movie Inception but he does have a top just like on the movie Inception so you have time or if you had a chance you get some sleep and you imagine yourself or thought if it is real or if it's not go to SH figure art and turn this around and nonsense anyway this is the figure and let's go through with thee articulation points we have the head and it has on a nice neck joint that's a similar engineering just like I also you have your you can see the gap here and we have flipping shoulder pads and the form or the shoulder pads is similar to go it's just that the sort of horns are tilted down and should be on the front so that's cool we have double joint here a swivel on the arm and it has a hinge for the mechanical arm so you can open those and then close if you want to and it's really tight so it it can hold weapons just like the two swords I've showed you earlier we also hold here on top upper torso and the belt is not independent from the waist unlike today's shf have hip joints and shiny boots that's all I can say the thing is that the skirt here is really hard that's what she said and it hinders more most of the hip articulation although you can move that from side to side it only comes to a point that you can only spread the legs under this and of course the kneecaps also Falls if you're not careful and taking care of your figure now let's form the hijack form the head just pops out with the neck and then that's but on the scarf here there are tabs on the front and at the back so you'll know how to place those it won't click it just rest on top but it's not as secure as you wanted it to be because the scarf is tight enough it could rest pretty well but the thing I didn't like is this one this extension it does have this awkward look to it so if you have time you can just amend that by just folding it just like so so you won't have that real awkward feeling and then just put back the head and we have here highjack form and these visors are really nice because there are really compound eyes it reminds you of new dental but it is in clear plastic it doesn't have it um like those bug eyes inside it's just it's just plain black now to transform this to to skull form just take out first the head and the scarf just falls off and then remove the and I mean the arm the arm works like when you take out B and so be careful because this one is really thin I heard a lot of stories that this one breaks into two and then let's get the bottom here just pop it in place now the hands in place and then let's insert this one in and then let's put this one aside and then let's get the head take the vice or off first that's easy and the front part of the and just takes out our post just falls off and then take the extension here out and then insert this one to form the complete look for the skull form and then insert back the Vice order and that's a complete look for the head and then just pop everything back so it looks like the complete form for skull for for common writer Yuki now let's use the then gaffers just plug it here I won't complete with the ten gasher pieces because I'm letting him hold the swords so we have here that's too Mac let's have him that ghost imagine sword here it's on the other side and the savage catcher on the other now this is badass so it's a pricy figure because it is one of the exclusives and one of the rarest figures to date in the SH regards line so do visit Mandrake if you have the chance because they're still selling this figure for 40,000 yen it's not that buy bad unlike what I heard from today that it's selling like 12,000 yen which is even crazier than or thrice the price of what he actually is but I don't blame them it's really a rare figured find there are a few left in Mandarin so I'm giving you a heads up where to get their figures google the name mandrake and it will lead you to the right place other than that this is a nice figure although there are some of hindrances for in terms of articulation but that's it it's only the hips that have I have a problem with posing but the rest are really intending to use and of course the articulation for the upper torso is just phenomenal there you have my review of the s8 regards Kamen Rider Yuki so if you wanna know the possibilities for this figure do check out the photos at the end of the big big Yahoo and do subscribe to my blog spot for the full interview this firestarter don't forget to click Subscribe and just hit this button over here on top of the page and see you on my next review bye

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