Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider 2 (Old)

hi this is far starter and this is a review of the volume 69 si si kamen rider 2 or mask rider 2 and it has the same layout as Kamen Rider one almost and we have gotcha Bona racing logo right here and then kamen rider 2 and si si Tamashii Nations and it says sculpture by Kenji Ando and Bandai and then all of the logos except for the top portion and here is another look on Kamen Rider 2 and then some numbers we need and at the back just three poses for the figure now let's open the box so I can show you more about the Kamen Rider 2 and the contents inside the latest si si edition of Terminator 2 takes its form from the writers original suit color his chest has a darker tone and the transparent plastic that was more vibrant on Kamen Rider 1 disappears on the second but this also has a detachable muffler that is quite loose but not that annoying Kamen Rider 2 has a good amount of accessories to work around aside from the muffler we have the rider kick and punch effects a werewolf with the pedestal and the next set contains 6 or s replacements a head with an open mouth piece and the rider about Pizza Tachibana racing logo the effects split in half and locked again together with the forearms and the ankle the head and belt parts are also easy to replace adding more variety on the figure again the wolf and the stage doesn't clip together and leaves less room for the figure to stand on now let's check out the articulation points for coming right at – it's not far from Kamen Rider 1 like the head and neck joint right here shoulder pads that go up and down allowing more arm articulation and then upper bicep swivel double jointed elbow wrist joint and then an upper torso in Louie's articulation the chest also moves and the muffler sways from side to side and up and down and then there's a cut right here that can also let the muffler move and then these legs move also double jointed knees and ankle joint and a toe joint the the ankle joint is quite limited only go forward in that although you can move it side to side it's hindered by this accent right here and just like other Chogokin uh this is the adult is the only one that is in die cast but the rest is in pure plastic our mix of PV PV C 2 so I like the scope of this Kamen Rider 2 and just like Kamen Rider 1 he has its own uniqueness although this is not a really repaint of Kamen Rider 1 but it has its own personality and its own great articulation if you think Kamen Rider 2 is a repaint of the first you're highly mistaken though the TV show is almost a clone of each other this is not the same on the SI see this chest has its own mold and the parts that were copied from the first are the awesome si si joints this means the figure is highly possible and a good entry level for one of the si si collectors and that is my review of the si se Kamen Rider 2 if you want to know the possibilities and details of the figure check out the photos at the end of the video and subscribe to my blog for the full written review this is far starter thank you very much for watching and keep it here for more toy reviews that's first

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