Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider Gills and Another Agito

hi firestarter here and welcome to my review of the s IC vol 63 mask rider gills and another Abbeville we have here the box and you can see already the figures here and it says at the bottom vol 63 mask rider gills another a little damaged Nations Bandai 1012 made in China and on top it says here also si si mask rider gills and another Abaco I'm showing which has a different layout altogether that's neat and at the back some of the cool poses that are ghetto and gills has or at least I would say another Agra table and people would argue that come around the gills can transform into fixing gills actually he's not seeing gills yet we don't have those um something he does that we need to create pixie gills but I would like to show you this figure I mean this set because there are two figures in it let's proceed to the holder review another Agatha is easy to assemble by just plugging to wing-like mufflers very reminiscent of the old show writers you just need to plug these two buffers at the back of a guitar and you are now set to play these wing like mufflers are on hinges and swivel points which is great because you can bend those in different ways starting from static to something that's breezy and windy since he is stylized from the shoulder riders you can see a lot of grasshopper accents all over his body I would say that for an SI see most of the paint applications are very even something that it is not heard from an SI see one of the easily missed which has the Agata logo embedded if there is one point that is an even and easily be frowned is his kamen rider belt or the end point bein si si doesn't mean that this should be worked and could have molded better grasshopper theme continues on from this ankle and also near the elbows you might not noticed at first but his chest piece is also on a soft plastic allowing him for more possibility and re truth when the arm is placed in the opposite direction since he belongs to the latest generation of kamen rider SICS it is surprising to note that cameron rider another Agata is very agile and can be compared to today's s.h figure arts there are a lot of similarities when it comes to the joints from the head to the foot and having double hinge elbows and knees helps him a lot in different poses accessories include an additional head with this teeth showing off it is quite scary because it looks like Batman's Joker grinning against its enemy or against a level there is an extra set of interchangeable hands to add diversity for this figure the latest addition to the agate online as actually guilts tell you the truth he doesn't fall short when it comes to execution as an SI see most office are mark are painted in a weathered look to add some of the premises on Kamen Rider gills are molded in a way that it feels like peeled off skin and that sets apart from other si si Agata figures and as for the joints and he is also as dynamic and diverse as another additive if you're looking for hindrances on camera either gills it would be near the neck and because of that mode doesn't have much swivel from left to right but despite all that he has an amazing held tilt which has been improved from all common riders for this wave another annoying fact is that his hip joint as a gap that's supposed to be a good leverage for him to spread his legs or do perfect splits but that is actually the opposite and you can even see the gaps and crevices within and because it doesn't have that extra thigh swivel or even a thigh hinge these joints are exposed and actually not that easing to the eye just like another Agata con writer gills has an extra head with shorter horns and with the mouthpiece that can open and close as for accessory sadly he only has one spine like tip and also in the smooth our pair of laid hands or extra claws for the hand and for the ankle pair you for those finishing attacks like the gills he'll claw heels he'll stab just to give you a summarized review on another al-khattab because he is the supposed to be the improved version I say that if this is your first time to see another Agata and it's your first time to get a hold of an si si version I would say that he really looks great in terms of deformity and whatnot this is well-executed and then this is the one that is a keeper between the two everyone has been waiting for because he is the last supposed to be the last form or last writer too be included in the si si alligator line velocity storm is missing I would say that paint applications and the mode is really spot-on if you are si si fan there are some problems that I saw on common writer gills the waste error here does feel like um Kamen Rider double extreme wherein the AB here can go really deep inside and it's quite loose and again like I mentioned there's a gap here but you can see the joints connecting the legs and the hips and I really don't don't like that at all because it's not as seamless as another Agata another thing that's loose on my figure is this and cold joint here so I'm really having a hard time making him stand up so I tried a lot of poses for Kamen Rider Elita or sorry camera rider gills even though again the mode is really nice the execution of the joints does fail a lot which is supposed to be have has a lot of improvements on joints and joint engineering and overall design so if you want to know the possibilities for these two figures do check out these photos at the end of the video and do subscribe to my blog spot for the full written review this is firestarter thank you very much for watching and see you on my next you you

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