Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider OOO Shauta Combo

hi this is firestarter and this is a review of the si si coming right arose shout oboe and this is the box and you can't see the figure here because this is a Tamashii web exclusive you have the name here at the bottom Bandai the core metals and then some poses for come around arose and then the metals also hear the name on top numbers at the bottom and let's open the box and let's check out the contents inside another complete form has included itself today 10 inch scale models this is the si si Kamen Rider owes a shout a combo powered by three core metals namely Saatchi unagi and taco the main color motive is blue some of the accents are beefed up then it's SHP cards counterpart like the fins on the shoulders crazy si si lines and core metals held in the O's driver the accessory count and this Tamashii web exclusive may be overwhelming at first but it is really not part of the set for this marine type form are 5 extra hands 8 paho tentacles and the adjacent accessories and then we have the 3 cell medals the Denki unagi and vault arm whips and finally the translucent chest pieces now let's check out the figure up close we have a head and neck joint right here shoulder articulation – but it's quite hindered somewhat because of the big fins right here so we have an upper bicep clod single double jointed elbows a single jointed wrist an upper torso and waist and then we have some leg movement right here knees and an ankle joint and a toe joint I'm really liking the actual figure and how it is made somewhat limited on the shoulder joints where the which will kind of irks um um some right arose fans and both si si fans because we have a better articulation with other combos but we have limited parts here for shelter and the old scanner right here can be taken out just like other combos or you can move this and take out these panels too show you the core metals and the core metal holder or metal holder cell opens and closes like this and I'm really and like I said I'm really liking the sort of octo gems right here on the legs and these shiny parts that came through with this si si similar to its s.h.figuarts form you need to detach the default uh Nagi arm connections to replace them with longer versions you need to twist the sockets and plug the whips onto these while letting the holding hand stabilize the grip both arms are different were in pulling the forearms will give way to insert these on a figure what you will find more interesting are the tentacles you have to replace the lower half of the body with two part clear base and form then attach the tentacles on the exposed pegs clear chest pieces if you have other si si releases it's just plain by taking out the metal chest plate and replacing the parts piece by piece and because of the octo arms the figure becomes taller and with as long as the four or the legs are on the floor it can balance on its own without a damage stage so most of the legs have their own joints like so to showing you that the key turn differently the problem with the legs is it detaches on the figure easily so that's a huge problem but if you want to display this with the legs on it exposes no problem but if you want to play with it just be careful as the legs falls off just like what I said the only gripe you will have on the set is the limited shoulder movement due to the huge fins on the finger with ypres legs on the ground will allow you the figure to stand up without the help of the stage piece can also fall off but that is due to the owners carelessness and it will not hamper the overall experience I may have less admiration on the SH figures counterpart but this si si takes a whole new perspective to the marine combo and that is my review of the si si coming right arrows shout out combo if you want to know the possibilities for this figure always check out the photos at the end of the video and subscribe to my blog for the full written review this is firestarter thank you very much for watching and keep it here for more toy reviews you

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