Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider Super-1

hi if I started here and this is my review of the si si super imaginative chogokin super one-to-one writer super one and we have here the box it says here at the bottom and silver hot oil mask writer super one Tamashii Nations logo bad eye and this face over here and the weapons is really seen or the weapons are really seen on the box so it's basically there we have the SNC logo here the volume 61 max white or super one super one in Japanese super one here super one and some of the colors because it represents his weapons of mass destruction no it's not and that's why the super one here and same goes on the other side with some gothic trims here at the back some of the key features that came with super one some of his weapons that is all that are on his arms and some cool things that you need to know about super one yay no further ado let's open the box and let's see super what so these are the accessories for another super one we have the power ends nicely done feels like Iron Man if you ask me and it has hinges on the hand so you can open it close those and it's connected with these so definitely looks like Iron Man all the SI cygnus I mean the color scheme looks like Iron Man so it's only on my opinion we have changeable hands for supernovae super one default hands to pointing finger hands and like the N need be done with bronze and silver radiant lines and paint apps and we have two open hands and they also rest on a ball joint so you can with that up and down and twirl it if you want to and we have here really mechanical looking radar hands and it comes with two missiles there's a hole here and there's a peg here so we can just latch it on top and that completes the radar hands cool they also move 360 but it endures going up and down although you even though they they are rested other than a ball joint and we have like hands here so the tips of the hat of the fingers looks like sparkplugs making it more like like hands than any other hands that you can see over here and just giving you closer look on the paint apps and the details but when to awake hands we have this is is his scarf extended portion and it's on a peg and a hinge so he can still move that up and around or up and down or left or right depending on what you want and last but not least these are hot and cold hands and they're also involved joints but it's slightly hindered because of the moons that came with these parts so it has some limitation moving from side to side but this one isn't neatly done and nicely fantastically done because these are like on the tips those like translucent plastic but if we can manage to see it on toys upon it becomes like a hard plastic and you can see the translucent grid end here and the transition from translucent plastic to just hard plastic so that's so seamless and that's really really cool so those are accessories for super one let's move over to the figure and this is super one articulation points first he head goes round and about the antennas are so they are in soft rubbery plastic shoulder shoulder pads swivel over here on the top even on a gauntlet there's a swivel single joint on the elbows ball joints on the hands and torso articulation waist there's also a waist articulation and the butt is also independent from the waist this is the cyclone and there are colors here to symbolize some the hands that came way super 1 and the tassels are actually plastic but they are latched on by a steel accessory here the tassels are replaced by James so great and there are hip swivels here or hip joint but it's not as versatile as other SICS because there are quite hindered so instead of the legs going forward it seems like going it goes on sideways so during some of the poses I did I did had a difficult time doing rider kicks and whatnot because there are somewhat limited so you will have some little bit of disappointment doing all of the kick poses and the things that you want to do with the legs especially bending the legs over or making him squat for versatility and there's a double jointed knee ball joint and hinge on the ankle and a hinge on the top so that's neat oh that's cool and although we have good articulation points the only downside that I can see is on the hip joint here and the how the side load really looks like what it is on the show so that's the only complaint that I have but overall he is one handsome si si probably even better that than super one on the show so all we need to do to complete the look is this extra scarf that X at the back of his neck and you have that flowing look every time you move the scarf in by either side now – the only thing I'm going to replace is the gauntlet the power gauntlet because that's the only thing that's the most complex thing that you'll ever do when changing the hands so just insert the first layer here and then insert a gauntlet afterwards ah now we have Ironman super one yeah cool and you can close the again we can close the fist if you want to and this is the only gauntlet I see that is possible the rest having difficult difficulty with in terms of moving the hands in different downsides because they are hindered by some of the parts and molds on the gauntlet so that's neato and everything else he is again one and some si si I can't wait to find to get Z X to complete the whole show line for the Kamen Rider si si series and if you have a chance to get one super one I do really recommend this figure because agronomically look please economic times 51 bulky and easing time arrival so if we want to know the possibilities for a speaker do check out the Hodos at the end of the video don't forget to hit subscribe button on the top of the page and place your comments below on this after the description page this is fire starter thank you very much for watching ha ha ha ha ha ha hakuna valla Pegasus midori no payout fallacy asou alpha is a dingo baki Agata king no machine demo Caillou – Soleil was hold a one fall day wha – keno coco 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