Toy Review: S.I.C. Shin Kamen Rider 1

you hi this is far starter and this is a review of the si si kamen rider 1 so this is the packaging a really nice we have a mask rider one here the SAE logo vol 68 Tamashii Nations Bandai sculpture by Kenji handle and then this is what it looks like on one side with the Tachibana racing logo right here stripes and similar to the other side here and then at the back we have a lot of details naming the parts and what this is inclusive with so let's open the box so we can check out more on Kamen Rider 1 in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Super Man genitive chogokin line Bandai finally released a version of the new Kamen Rider 1 following the third suit action Kamen Rider 1 decals include a lighter green metallic paint application on the chest and on the head soft pair of antennas it's rider belt cyclone with a concave red plastic and silver gloves and boots vs I see new Kamen Rider 1 comes packaged with the rider punch and rider kick effect parts six hands a deform muffler extra open mouth head replacement in the unique Iike devil stand the muffler is not extraordinary and placed at the back of the figure but follows really closely to the si si motive its effects split into two and clip together on the forearms and chin thought at first to be part of the si si hero saga Tamashii Nations included an iike devil stand there are no pegs to hold the mold on the platform but it plants solidly even gives enough space to include kamen rider 1 now let's go through the articulation points for this figure the muffler go side to side and head joint neck joint the shoulder pads go up and down arms level upper bicep card double jointed elbow wrist joint upper torso and waist and then the chest east go side to side to accommodate the rider post and then here we have leg movement total jointed knees and ankle joint and a toe joint so there are huge improvements when it comes to articulation because this is more organic than past si si s the last si si that I did get give a huge praise when it comes to articulation was coming right double but with common writer one he has more organic feel to it and somewhat similar to an SH regard or even better than the SH regards version of cone writer one so I do recommend getting this version this would really keep fans to continue on collecting si si s well true that the latest si si s no longer have diecast parts and this is true with chin coming writer one even with that the joints on the figure feels really solid then past releases and moreover the figure is highly flexible almost unheard of in si si s sure I've said this before that come around a cougar decade edition and Kamen Rider double has the best articulation but this version of Kamen Rider one tops them all the part that I really didn't like are these soft antennas that you always need to adjust to pair up perfectly and that is my review of the si si new kamen rider one if you want to know the possibilities and details of the figure check out the photos at the end of the video and subscribe to my blog for the full written review this is firestarter thank you very much for watching and keep it here for more toy reviews and crispy

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