Transforming My PC-Kamen Rider Delta-Henshin! Exceed Charge!

hey guys dragon visor here and it's time
to show you guys my newly transformed PC now if you haven't seen the stock
version of this PC here are some clips of it there will also be a link down
below to the time-lapse build of the stock PC later on in the video there
will be benchmarks comparing the stock version to this newly transformed PC
hope you guys enjoy that was Kamen Rider Delta from the
Kamen Rider Faiz series if you've never seen a Kamen Rider series I
highly suggest you give it a try I believe you'll find it to be a
pleasant surprise the inspiration behind choosing that particular theme came
after I saw what Asus's Aura Sync was capable of now I know there are
definitely downsides to that specific software and had I known then what I did
now I would not have made this build hindsight is twenty-twenty as they say
and maybe I'll expand on the downsides of Aura Sync in another video but let's
get on with the benchmarks I know I just said how I wouldn't have made that
specific build but even if I had built another PC the main components of that
PC would have remained the same using you can find out
where your components match up compared to other components of the same type as
well as how good of a PC it is depending on the tasks you want to perform and
spoiler alert this PC is out of this world good this is the list of the main components
inside this PC and they are all close or way beyond a hundred percent all
except the hard drive but that's mainly for storage and is still in the green
and in all tasks this PC performs at an out-of-this-world UFO level here's the
list that this website uses to put pcs in to different tiers and each names of
those tiers and we are way beyond that 100% and now for the actual benchmarks first
off is Cinebench r20 this benchmark will be focused on the CPU stock Ryzen 7 2700 X with 32 gigabytes
of 2,133 megahertz Ram got a score of 3,723 the XFR enabled
Ryzen 7 2700X with 32 gigabytes of 3,200 megahertz Ram
got a score 4,004 this is an improvement of 7% in the
score between overclocked and stock now I know that the CPU is not actually
overclocked but everyone has said that XFR and precision boost will do a better
job of that than I can and as long as I enable it and provide better cooling it
is a much more efficient way than an overclock I can achieve this brings us
to CPU temps better temps will mean that XFR will boost my CPU further so I
equipped this CPU with a castle 240 AIO water cooler and here are the different
temps with the castle 240 CPU is 6°
cooler at idle and 12° cooler under load the next benchmark is Unigine Heaven these were the scores for the stock PC versus the overclocked PC we
see an improvement of 8% after the overclock next up is time spy on the stock PC we scored 9,188 and on
the overclocked PC we got 9,941 now I know what you're thinking it's over 9000 yes yes they are they're both over 9000
and the overclock PC scored 8% higher for a little more context about what those
scores mean the stock pcs score was 89% higher than other pcs that have
used this benchmark the overclocked PC was 92%better than other pcs and
the last one we have is Fire Strike after the overclock the graphics card
saw an improvement of 5% in stock configuration the graphics card scored
better than 89% of other pcs that performed this benchmark the overclocked
PC scored better than 92% I would have liked to show you guys the
difference in temps but the card is so well optimized there really wasn't any
change 39° in idle and 70° under load I double checked to see if this
graphics card was overclocked and it was I was able to stably the overclock this
graphics card from 1,935 megahertz to 2,070 megahertz if you've made it this far thank you
and thank you for watching my video even if this video only gets a few views and
it's just from my families and friends I'm grateful to anyone who's willing to
watch my videos really thank you and I'm going to have to follow that up
with I'm sorry this channel is supposed to be a gaming channel but so far all
I've done is a PC build video and an overclocked version of the same PC due
to a lot of things going on right now it's been a lot more difficult than it
should have been to release even those two videos I hope to change that though my plan for
this channel is that I release at least three videos a week with three different
games played mondays are going to be Mecha Mondays and Wednesdays open-world Wednesday lastly Friday will be frenzy Friday
where I play whatever as of right now my plans are to play battletech on Monday
and Division two on Wednesdays do me a favor if you haven't already
please hit that like button and subscribe to this channel part of the
reason why it's taken so long to release videos…

is that well I'm brand new to all of this and I've got a lot of learning and growing to do
if he hit that like and subscribe button you get to come along with me on this
journey of growth in the background is some League of
Legends it is a go-to game of mine that I play when I want to just relax maybe
I'll play some of that on Friday or maybe I won't but it was the only
gameplay video I had on hand at the moment so I hope you guys enjoy like I
said my goal is to upload three videos weekly and I really do hope you guys
stick around to see me complete this goal on a regular basis this has been
such an experience so far and I'm hoping for tons more but that being said though
this is DragonVisor signing off until next time.

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