Unboxing and Review of Bandai Shouchaku Henshin Series – SHS Kamen Rider Old Ichigo + Old Cyclone

hello we come to another unboxing and instead of s.h.figuarts today we will unbox this bundai sh s which is such a cool henshin series when I mistaken and here I have with me Kamen Rider Ichigo the old version so this is actually the first version of Ichigo after he was being transferred by shocker and not the shin Ichigo that we saw in the end of series and as you can see different from the SHF here you can actually change the person to come another form that's why the name of series is hand shape so here you have Takashi Hongo even though the face is a bit different in the real actor and then also you have clothes in which you can put into hyung go and get into helmet and then he can show me to come on Ichigo so it looks like fun because I haven't really had this gonna play before so let's unbox it and see you at the head inside and so inside just like mr.

Chips buffs and registration behind and just like you said chef you have this some kind of a manual of how to play with toy well in this case how to put on the both of them rudders so that so here inside the box you can find the brochure assumption how to play with toy here we have the basic percentage a jungle and then here you have the clothes for the rider get the instruction on how to put on the body clothes and how to put the helmet and the other part so you can do the transformation and as you can see here we have this main person would become driver helmet but the body close the belt you shouldn't forget about that most important part of attention and then here some kind of clothes for the hand and as you can see the head is rather small in comparison to the body it's not really that proportional but I think they made it like this so the helmet can fit in under its really made from a hard material an IEC check it was very solid and very heavy okay so now we have a few parts that we need to assemble so that the cash on go can do han-shan and began to go now let's start with the easiest part this is where the hand some kind of a bad there's complexity down here into the park here the other one there then I felt that it's quite easy to install just sucks it right here and you have the body part now the body parts but you need have some concerns join the pack voila then on a Dutch SP helmet which consists of two parts as you can see that is very small so you can fit the helmet quite easily like this there you go don't you have another planet particular she here on hash rap so as you can see it can fit almost perfectly to this sh f outside : I say almost because actually this is a dress is a little bit small it's a trap but since the difference in scale is not that big so it can sit here and look except the Vitis from itself still I said almost because actually he's still a bit too small for the bike as you can see it's very hard for him to reach for the handle of the bike unless if you want to make him pulling down like this and actually it's possible but then it was a bit awkward SportBike so only now this is very nice trigger considering the fact that it's quite cheap and you can have that different way of playing a tonic basic chef because you can change it and also take off helmet and then put it here you're starting to buy quite nice the proportion is course offering so far off mr.

Schecter didn't even compare it but then I also like the solid feeling figure you know some parts made of diecast metal the IHF is limited for all Ichigo and the price is quite expensive so my question you.

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