Unboxing Converge Kamen rider Volume #19..!!!! cadasss..

hello, meet again friends on my channel, Popotato channel maybe this is my first video in 2021. because yesterday I kept uploading late. it is a video that I made in 2020. on this occasion we will. we are going to unbox the kamen rider. converge kamen rider volume 19. I just sent it home yesterday afternoon I bought this item through a pre-order process from November 2020 yesterday. if not November, September (longer). bought through my own friend who imported from japan. converge kamen rider volume 19, complete. contains 10 boxes. and this is the line up of its contents, namely KR Saber. KR saber form dragon flame (???) or what is it called. for this one (KR Cross Z build) only appears in the movie version only. Rabbit X Dragon form and then there is the King Form from kamen rider Blade. then then there, KR kickhopper, KR punchhopper, and Amazon KR.

Then the secret version is ,. KR Build Rabbit x Dragon. the Prototype version, which is gold and silver. gold or orange? This volume was released in Japan around December (2020). then enter Indonesia on. although in December, many online marketplaces / stores have been selling (this volume). I just got this in the middle of January. although in fact early January yesterday it was available. hampered because there is still a PSBB program, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic which is still as it is today. Also, these delays are excluded from the customs. alright, there's no need to talk much anymore.

Let's just unboxing. at first, I thought this outer wrapper was big, but it turned out to be only this big. because of the appearance in the marketplace, it looks really big. contents, starting from number 106 ,. 106, 107,107,107 ,. 108,108 109,110 & 111 ,. KR saber there are 2 pieces this one was like yesterday when I, almost similar to the KR Zero one KR Zero One series or the Zero Two version. in this section it says "No Data". because the serial is still number 106, Zero One (Saber I mean). there is 2. there is no secret version yet. then number 107. here there are 3 boxes. This form only appears in the Movie version. the shape is similar to KR W / Double. the main rider, kento shiryuu. and the banjou Ryouga their bodies become one (while changing). if this is the case, it looks like I have to open them all one by one.

Definitely. because the secret version is here. number 107, then then ,. number 108, the one I'm really looking forward to releasing. released in this volume. The KR blade king form, although I don't have the KR blade base form and the Jack Form. for KR blade king form, I got 2 boxes. (there are two blades) the numbers 109 and 110 are. KR Punch Hopper KR kickhopper and Punchhopper are from the series .. from the kamen rider Kabuto series. and, the last one is ,. (Kamen Rider) Amazon the amazon from the old version. which comes from the showa era. the "the next" version. uh, not "the next". but the Re-make version. "amazones" is all out, to my knowledge. Ah, the red and green ones.

then the blue one, and .. including the amazones neos, have all been released. this is complete. there it is, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. 109, .110, .111 I will make this later. video review one by one. please wait. on another occasion, I will make the videos one by one. from this one to that one. later we will discuss the story too. including the background story of the series, like in my previous videos. see you in my next video always take care of health, remember the message from mom, always wear a mask. don't forget to take vitamins. and diligently wash your hands. greeting toys ,. HENSHIN … !!!.

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