Unboxing & review: Kamen Rider Black Bandai SHF S.H.Figuarts SS ft. Kotaro Minami 仮面ライダー Baja hitam

This is Gorgom's Fault Rider Kick Hae ! Back with me Benno, in my channel This time, we will review the newly released
SHF that already been waited by thousand of people Especially Indonesian People It's SHF Shinkoncou Seihou Kamen Rider Black and He was long awated item they all waiting for it so badly and actually in the time it has been released, it has been
reviewed by many people in those reviews, people shows so many defect
parts brittle, teared, peeled even broken this time we will proff wheter it's true is that really happened? see the next video for the review Here is the new released SHF Shinkoncou Seihou
Kamen Rider Black Here is the front box and rear box you can see all of his pose roll call pose after henshin pose and rider kick pose of course this is the latest SHF in the market
For the market Price is About IDR 1.7 to 2 Mio after that it will go up again there is always someone that will buy him
in the market if you sell him, the price will be same you can also buy more than one so lets begin the review lets see whether I get the good or the bad
quality control remember what i said before about brittle,
broken parts let's open him instruction sheet when you open the sheet you will see some
hands..6 pairs of hands and separated antenas let's see the front side and later the back
side wee see the hands and antena so many kind of hands pose this one is the main body of Black let's open the blister and here it is Kamen Rider Black he got plastic in his chest lets open it here it is the neck articulation here is the most fragile part the material is semi rubber luckily its not damaged..

Please dont at all you can uplift the arms i want to lift it 90 degree but i'm so afraid yes it can, the pad is attached to its shoulders glossy shoulder pad basically the inner rubber was molded in regular
position better pose it carefully and dont forget to
pose it in regular position or else it will be broken the bicep can be twisted.. so scarry to move
the elbow please play with full cautious it can be moved ,,, but i'm still scared the torso and belly was ball jointed let's compare them the SS is slightly taller you can see the huge differences this one is the real human size scale the old one is cartoony because of the thin
belly just like baby with diapers the detail of rubber is very good good wrinkels it's lookes like rubber but actually are plastics the hand also have rubber taste looks the head has accurate and bigger size overal its really cool So after you watched my review i've got
the good quality one and i hope you too thank you for watching my channel dont miss my next SHF review bye bye

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