Vangelus Review 42-A – Motion Revive Kamen Rider Series 6

ladies and gentlemen this is internet personality evangelist here with a common rider toy review this is motion revived series six it's an interesting little set of blind packed Kamen Rider toys that have been around for about a year and a half or so I think at this point there's only six series out this is the newest one and this is also the one to cause great uproar and change to the status quo by reducing the number of unique figures to six but upping the paint apps so I thought this would be a good one to cover first also because it's the easiest one to get a hold of right now these guys are a pretty interesting scale they're just about actually the scale of another toy line you may recognize GI Joe for those of you who don't have GI Joes they also looked pretty cool with universe ravaged and look suitably dwarfed by small transformers such as the warrior now they're very cool figures and there's a lot to cover so I'm going to start off on one of them the one that pretty much can also display to you all the unique and neat aspects of the motion revived series let's go this is kamen rider kuuga in his rising mighty form you know in retrospect that segue could have used some pun on no fear no pain but my bad so the interesting choice here is that as you can see by the golden trim and the golden leg brace this is not just mighty form Kouga this is rising mighty which is an interesting choice for the emotion revived series because the s.h.figuarts Kouga figures that are on the way are not rising they're just normal base forms now the detail on these guys is something that's pretty impressive especially considering they retail for really really cheap in Japan they're really expensive on the aftermarket unfortunately but in Japan itself these guys are literally like five to six bucks I think last I checked it might be different now this guy's got some pretty decent pose ability and he's also got the least limitations of the bunch that I've got here so this gives you a pretty good demo of everything there's 24 advertised points of articulation you've got balls everywhere you got double-jointed elbows knees ankles there's a torso joint it's all ball joints as you can see the torso is just a ball connected in the mid chest area ball jointed neck this is actually really good on a lot of them what you looking at I'm gonna Kouga there's a very few figures where the neck articulation is hindered which is really impressive given that the ball is set that deep really it's just Kotak whose head is almost immobile there's also really really nicely done shoulder where it's actually a double ball is a huge ball socket joint connecting it to the chest and a little ball socket joint connecting the arm so poseability wise these guys with all this stuff they can do they really beat out almost all the other toys on the 3 3/4 inch scale and for their price they definitely beat them out they also tend to come with the weapons which up until now we're pretty much unpainted now that they are painted it's nice but they have one problem that I'll show you when I get to one of them also a lot of them come with alternate hands which are really easy to swap on and off Kouga in this case comes with the normal grippy hands and karate chop hands or henshin hands so it's really nice to see them returning to these older figures albeit because of decade but I hope that motion revive continues because this is such a cool scale to have these guys on I mean you can you can have Kouga minding his own business and then Cobra Commander's shows up with a gun and Cobra Commander is apparently grown massive balls the Cougars just like Ryder kick and then he noticed his Cobra Commander has a gun so he takes it from him and then he goes like I can use guns too and Cho Han shin into kamen rider kuuga rising pegasus form now this is where we can cover the accessories now this accessory is painted gold and that's a big plus over all the older accessories which typically were just solid black plastic however it still has one problem that being it's incredibly bendy and if you get one that was in the package in a bit of a funny way have fun unbending that yeah that's something to look out for especially on swords and well you know speaking of swords none of you are gonna get that joke that is like that joke is like five or six years old at this point I can't count anyway this is kamen rider blade from the 2004 kamen rider series coming right at blade he's a really great balance actually if paint apps and accessories and just check out some of the detail on this guy bear in mind how small he is it really is impressive also he comes with a really interesting accessory he comes with the bleh rouser and comes with a holster you can pull it out put it in his hand unfortunately it's only painted silver it doesn't have any additional details but they're all sculpted there so you can kind of see so you can paint them in yourself if you really want to that's something that really helps these guys out which I'm gonna be doing eventually his other cool thing though is he comes with a thing to replicate the Blea rousers little card holder which is this red piece of plastic unfortunately it's solid red and when you stick it on its you know it's not that convincing but it's still pretty cool I think it's a nice touch blade himself is very silver and it really is nice he's shiny he's got detail all over the place and one really neat thing about these figures and something that kind of is a Kamen Rider thing it's a marketing thing is that due to similar suit designs a lot of these guys pretty much can be made by building themselves off of another one like this guy basically his legs are on all the common riders from this series and the armor is very easy to Reese Culp the arms are pretty much the same so I'm very sure we're gonna see some more blade characters I gotta say cam the poseability on these guys is fantastic the these are some of the best toys you can get if you're a Kamen Rider fan I just wish they were easier to get ahold of overall very impressive little guys let's cover what a lot of people wanted to see the final forms from Kamen Rider Kiva this is EXA rising this is the third exosuit actually the first two were are basically identical but this was the big up where he simultaneously did a fives routine combined with a Kabuto cast-off combined with denno transforming faceplate which I thought was kind of funny at first but I've kind of grown to like this design it's got a cool metal hero thing and there's two paint colors on this sword which means he got a lot of love and he's got paint on his other weapon his little cellphone gun now this toy is this this is one of the better figures I think just because I'm guessing because he's from the series that was current when this came out he got a lot more detail he does use a lot of Ruiz parts by the way he's even got the little vessel on the side here you can pull those off this is the exit toy from an earlier way of as you can see their weapons are identical their legs are identical their belts are identical and their arms are basically identical a lot of shared parts just painted differently the thing is this is a fact of the show this is what they do to get more suits on the show get more toy potentials out of the show and it works well for motion revive because it means that we get to have a basically a great chance of seeing almost all the riders suits from the newer shows if the blind continues a lot of people are into exha and this is more or less the only way you're gonna get a nice quality poseable EXA figure and it's a shame because yeah these this design I think deserves to have something with you know metal in it or at least bigger than 5 inches but all the same it's it's a great thing for Kiva fans or at least EXO fans and there is one other key bateau in this set Kiva Emperor another toy that very likely will get screwed over for future releases as far as I can tell keifa Emperor is the centerpiece of series 6 of the motion revived Kamen Riders he's designed to be it because this was the final form of the main writer of the year these came out he has the most pieces the most paint apps the biggest accessory he's loaded this guy is the bang for your buck figure from this set just get a look at the facial detail on this guy to check out just all the little green jewel the silver trim it's very nicely done especially considering that this is a blind packed figure that is not retailing in Japan from more than like five bucks or ten bucks I guess if you try to buy them single it's really impressive and also he has ball joints on his cape now this actually didn't turn out all that well because the idea is this lets you have opposable double tailed Cape the problem is the balls barely actually go in the sockets and more than often than not these things will just fall out which is a shame but I do like that they built up all this you know the bulky armor up here he call so is the the only other figure in this set to come with multiple hands I have both types on he's got the normal gripping hand and the Kiva funky kung fu pose and you can you can put you know both grippy hands or both funky come through pose hands on him if you want and he comes with the FAP sword and you can actually move the yeah I'm gonna beat you so hard found another thing you can do with this aside from knock his hand off is you can pull the little bat off and you get the original version of the Kings sword when it made Wataru all evil and grumpy for like a half an episode yeah yeah and he comes with Tatsu lot sculpted on there solid gold same with ki VAT but it's not bad I mean those are little paint details you can add yourself if you really want them I don't really care and this is another bang for your buck figure as I said just like rising ixa this guy looks like you're getting something really awesome not to say blade and Kouga don't look it it's just that they I think they made rising ixa and Emperor Kiva out to be just really nice centerpieces if you're a Kiva fan these are a must if you're not a Kiva fan you may want to skip them although I'm not a huge Kiva fan and I still enjoy these suits and just a standalone choice they look really cool there is one other toy in this set though the one who lost his love his organization and his friends the manliest Rider of blade it's kamen rider Garen for some reason he keeps looking away from the camera I don't understand what oh my god yes they released Garen but they only released him like this a variant based on the second-to-last episode of blade that he appeared in this is Garen after the diamond King Undead beat the crap out of his face and pretty much beat half of his helmet off with the butt of his sword it's a really cool sculpt actually and I'm really surprised how much of a likeness there is there to Tachibana then I like little details like the headband and everything the only problem I have with this is that this is all you get you don't get a nice proper unbustable this was the secret figure of the wave and it was nice that the secret figure was entirely new aside from being you know the blade repaint parts like the arms and the legs but a bit of a cop-out and as far as I know they haven't announced a Garen whose helmet is in one piece which is a real shame because I like this I would have liked it if this was an accessory but as the only head it's a bit of a downer which is my big knock against the set which sucks cuz this is otherwise a really solid Garen figure is done you know it has a holster that works you get another one of those doofy red pieces of plastic to put on it that looks like cards the only problem is that he can't hold it that tightly with the typical motion revive grippy hand and this red piece does not clip on here that solidly it'll fall out of his hand you'll get it on there you're like ok that's cool it's on put it in his hand alright let's pose him oh no hold onto it Garen oh and now your cards fell out yeah that's the gist of it which is a bit of a shame but it's still a really cool figure and it's a great idea for a bit of fan wank to those of us who love blade which is still one of my favorite hey say Rider series I wish he had a full mask head to put on there only big shame about this guy so I've got to give him a knock against and hopefully we'll see a proper one in the next series anyway overall the motion revived Kamen Riders is some of the best Kamen Rider figures you can get the combination of size price quantity quality really comes together nicely the only downsides are the bendy weapons and sometime the joints can get a little bit loose over time but it's nothing major there are of course the freak cases of QC like one that I have one of my exes which you'll see later on which brings me to my next point I'd like to review all of these now there are five more sets of them do you guys want me to review them buy set or do you want me to review them by series like do you want to see set one set two through five or do you want to see all the Kabuto ones all the Hibiki ones all the denno ones etc let me know in the comments and I'll figure out what I want to do in the meantime I do recommend these a lot this series you can still get from hlj or $19.99 I think unless they've sold that check eBay to eBay sometimes has these guys on auction I also hope that the motion revive series continues on because it has a lot of potential and thanks to these blade and Kouga figures getting made a lot of that potential is really starting to get me amped up and I hope it doesn't die off while it's still ahead because with decade around they have a great excuse to cover at least all the other main character riders from the Heisei series and I hope they do because when you start lining them up like this things get pretty epic and I hope I can at least line up ten hey say man riders in this scale because it looks damn cool already there's only four more to go and there's already a bonus one because while we have men here who could walk the heavens and bring it to its knees this is the one who could punch it in the face and make it say uncle so come on Bandai finish off the set this has been internet personality evangelist these have been the motion revived Kamen Riders and I hope we see more of them and I hope I see more review stay tuned ladies and gentlemen there's always more to come which one of you was it which one of you was laughing at my partner

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