Vangelus Review 52 – Masked Rider Kick Pose Display Kuuga

ladies and gentlemen this is internet personality evangelist here with a review of something that is in fact not a toy it's static Japanese plastic and thus not suitable for discussion on certain websites however there will be no hot glue involved in this review I got this by way of hench injustice calm and hlj it's the common rider kick pose display Kouga by banpresto I believe it's one of those claw machine toys and I haven't even opened it up yet so let's crack this thing open the box for something that you know you'd find in a claw machine it's eminently boring but it's got everything it needs on it shows you a little statue you're getting inside so hooray for that and then let's you know if you realize you've just gotten an amorphous blob of plastic hopefully there's something in here or I've really been gypped and played for a sucker I'll come some plastic oh wow that's better presentation I thought I honestly thought that it's just gonna be rattling around in the box so you get this neat little stands his masked rider kuuga he is a cool guy and he does the super metamorphosis sizing guess and this is plugs in there yep well that's exciting let's get Kouga out of this little plastic bag where he's clearly suffocated and gone into rigor mortis trying to kick his way out oh yeah I am mighty alright it's actually a pretty good sculpt I like the amount of detail on his belt there and he feels pretty weighty um nice glossy paint on there it looks like he's just got a yep he's got a butt plug just stuff it in there and he's going all like oh god why and by the way if you're wondering about a size comparison here he is with a so Chuck hench in toy and these are about the same size it's the final form a ride kamen rider to us and here he is with a three and three-quarter inch tall fourth-wall denizen so there's some size comparisons for you yeah actually like this quite a bit especially for the price it's a nice little mantelpiece type thing spin them around here you can sees sculpted pretty unless you from every end if you're a toy collector this is probably not gonna do it for you but if you're the kind of person who can branch out into statues now and then I'd say it's worth it especially given that you can get him off hlj right now for five dollars I mean for five bucks you get anything off there just throw this in there it's it's not a bad deal the belt actually is really impressing me the amount of paint detailing on there to catch all the little buttons and gold spangles and whatnot and his head too it looks like Kouga I'm sure there's some way could even mod this into an action figure I'm I'm guessing you know carve them up hollow em out do all kinds of extra work that in the end it would have just been worth getting the SH FiguArts but end of the day I got to say for a five dollar statue this is pretty cool so thank you Keith it engine justice for letting me know about this if you got five bucks to blow do it if you don't like statues though then I'd say you're probably already aware of what you want to do regarding this guy until next time ladies and gentlemen this has been internet personality evangelist and I do have one more statue in my queue but lots more toys too so don't worry until next time ladies and gentlemen be a cool guy

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