Vangelus Review 82-B – SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Ketaros

ladies and gentlemen this is internet personality evangelist with a review of Kamen Rider caseros to continue s.h.figuarts week and begin to take a look at the antagonists of God speed love ken Orosz is actually my favorite of the three movie capital Rider designs I really love the green and the bronze I think that it just pops so nicely for me that and his faceplate is the angry one which I mean I always like it when a Kamen Rider kind of has angry eyebrows like the other movie riders Quetta Rose is basically the Kabuto body with zeebee belt and wrist guard I suppose that could be the hopper belt but we haven't talked about either of them yet his accessory count is identical to hair coos he has the same hands splayed holding things and fists as well as a single weapon Kabuto kunai repainted with some bronze on the blade now this is an interesting thing I believe that catharsis and hair coos were released in the same month and between the two of them have Kabuto weapons so I'm wondering if cabbages weapons are just on one single isolated gang mold and for every hair coos that's made a cat horse must also be born it's a bit of an interesting thing you could almost say it's a it's a little bit of a story twist actually that would have made godspeed love anime be a little a little too creepy you know mass dual births on both sides of good and evil however outside of his unique faceplate and sector catharsis is more or less akin to the repaint factor of Godspeed love he's got the giant shoulder pad and the Kabuto chest plate so you know he has a repaint by nature but I think I'll just contradict myself and say he's actually a remote but a lot of Kabuto was like that and you know from the waist down he really is just a Kabuto body and you can see here catharsis of all my Kabuto riders he had it the worst the gammy Kabuto bowlegged Ness Mike heteros actually has the worst of any of the I have received I did a little bit of hot water work on this but it seems to have not taken that well this is actually bent in a little bit more than you can see here ideally it would actually be bent out like this and it is so totally not in several poses you can make it so it's kind of hard to notice but it is a very distracting an unfortunate bit of QC that as far as I've been told has more or less been rectified on later re-releases and let me tell you Keter o s– seems to get around icy icy Keter o s– on sale more than any other figure aside from dome on cashew the liens unfortunate shelf warmer luckily he's a bit more of an interesting design so I'd actually recommend Quetta Rose he's a very nice villain Rider he's got a lot of pop to his design and he comes with just enough accessories to feel like you're not getting completely taken for a fool I think that really my only criticism of them would be as movie accurate as it is just giving him that little dinky kunai feels a little like you know couldn't couldn't have been something else in here III mean that is the bit of the the fault of the movie if anything but I kind of wished that him and hare coos had been given both of Kabuto weapons in different colors it just feels odd to split them between the two although as I said maybe that was just a a moulding thing anyway this has been internet personality evangelist with a review of kamen rider kit heroes and I think it's time things got a little bit hyper powered

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