Vangelus Review 83 – SHFiguarts Kamen Rider Drake

ladies and gentlemen this is internet personality evangelist and I'm feeling pretty would you like to feel pretty – then let's make up and continue figure arts week with Kamen Rider Drake the dragonfly rider of Kabuto was one of the final releases to finish off the main Kabuto line-up in s.h.figuarts and because of that he doesn't suffer from any kind of gammy leg problems which really helps out a lot he's also got all the excellent detail you've come to expect from Sh figure arts and something that kind of surprised me was they even did the compound effect on on his rather unique pair of optic lenses so you got to give him credit where credit's due it looks very gorgeous he's asymmetrical upper body design has also been replicated here and I'm happy they did it I mean I didn't expect him to cop out on any of this but you know he had to have new shoulder pads done completely new arm done his additional hands actually have to mirror the different knuckle details and the big dragonfly wing across the chest kind of turns out but I'm not sure if this connector bar here is so accurate or not and if it is I kinda wish they took some artistic liberties cuz that thing gets in the way from the waist down he's well he's a Kabuto body some other people like myself never really noticed how alike the Kabuto suits were until these toys started to come out at least I like to think there were some more people who were surprised by it it's hard to be alone as for accessory count aside from the Drake Sector he comes with just a couple of extra hands now to their credit as I said you know the the hands have different knuckle designs and you get splayed hands fist hands and holding things hands the thing is the fists to be honest I could have done without him I've never really thought of Drake as a dude who punches anyone the splayed open hands in the holding things hands though they definitely get the job done in every any nice kind of way problem is that that is actually everything that's every you get with this guy and that really blows for one reason the sector it comes in the the normal mode as you can see here the problem is it you can't close these wings up for riders shooting and I think it's kind of a cop-out you could have just had one piece of plastic to swap out for these wings and it really kind of sucks that it's thing kind of fell short because that is a case where this guy has done something that I don't like in figure arts which is when it's not so much the lack of accessories it's the lack of an accessory that really was necessary there's one other big problem now while this shoulder has generally its full range of motion up to a certain point because you know the shoulder pad will bump it in a way and unfortunately Drake shoulder pads are a little bit chintzy they prefer to pop off before they move up and that does make us posing a bit limited this arm it's okay this arm though yeah yeah that actually popped up while I was showing you the sector the problem is whenever this thing pops off the only way to really get it back on easily is to maneuver his shoulder around so this little little hinge thing here is vaguely accessible and then try to peg this really thin shoulder pad back in place without it falling off again because the thing is this shoulder pad ladies and gentlemen is the weakness of the toy the lack of those key accessories and in fact no the lack of the key accessory you know that that's maybe a little bit passable but this guy you can move your shoulder up maybe that hide it just popped off again I've messed with this for a while I cannot see any way to rectify this problem because this shoulder pad basically you can move it up until you feel the slightest bit of resistance and then boom it's off so the post ability of his right arm here has been rather gregarious liek act and it's for that reason that that Drake has actually unfortunately become one of the weakest fig arts releases almost magnified by how he's one of the newer figure arts where you kind of think that these problems wouldn't occur anymore older figure arts you know from from 2008 early 2009 I can deal with it but this guy is a late 2009 toy just it's it's really a pain because not so much that this pops off that it pops off and it's so hard to plug it back in place so you know your poses are just so sadly limited on this guy in that arm I mean you can you can move the rest of his body around and he is you know due to not having gammy legs you can you can do a lot of posing with this guy and it's it's pretty cool but with fig arts I am a lot pickier mostly because you know these are expensive action figures and there's a certain degree of quality I've kind of come to expect from SH figure arts and Drake really falls short between the frankly incomplete accessory count for the sector pistol gun thing here and the more or less inexcusable design of his pop off a ball shoulder pad on on the right arm it's unfortunately this guy I wouldn't recommend unless you really love Drake and this is the thing a lot of people don't like Drake they either don't like the character or they don't like the design this figure art has very little going for it I think that a large number of the people who bought this figure did so to complete the Kabuto lineup and that's unfortunately it's a shame but it really isn't surprising and it's disappointing more than anything else because I was hoping that you know given how Millian this guy can be they'd at least they wouldn't so much knock it out of the park as you know get an average score and at least let you do ride or shooting you can't even do this guy's final maneuver and it's it's sad just doesn't work on the bright side with the Neos echt Zechs troopers coming out soon you can replicate the the Neos act army haha quote unquote of Godspeed love and that's that's kind of a cool thing but Drake is definitely one of the weakest figure arts I dare say actually if not one of the weakest than the weakest because you know I get to a ground form is definitely down and again I gotta say these are still very nice toys they are very well done great paint great sculpting great attention to detail on the body with fig arts though where things often fall apart is the accessory count when a figure art release is starting to go badly and this guy the accessories made me squint and then that shoulder just made me grit my teeth so I got to say Drake is not highly recommended I mean if you're gonna if you're gonna buy Drake you'd be buying a figure art – Drake regardless of a lot of the problems if you're already ready to do that but if you're somehow on the fence about Drake I can tell you he's at best adequate and at worst severely disappointing anyway this has been internet personality evangelist and today's Rider fig arts week content is at an end tune in tomorrow for more and I can assure you it's gonna be better than Drake be sure to dispose of it clearly no problem you dig I clean up a lot bigger messes than this when I deal with a woman but don't understand my needs that was quite a mannequin are you sure it'll cover up land of course it will the veneer of obedience will hide our movements cover our tracks leave him unaware the real she is but we're doing it it could get conspicuous you got more guts than me boy but I gotta say I respect that you sure this is gonna work I don't want him to find out all will go according to plan nothing can stand in our way when our time you

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