YCPT – 4.8 – Kamen Rider Climax Heroes OOO (PSP)

hey yong-ki I was going to do a video game review can you move me man just give me a moment what the hell are you dressed obeys coming writer Justin you make me wanna punch it hello everyone I am coming Ida j-dub and I am your host this evening you taking off right now or I swear I will punch you in the eye well come on I have a mask and everything now oh but I really do like Kamen Rider in fact it started in 1971 very close to my birthday making it as old as me and it's really weird that I didn't get into it before now as I'm a recent convert to the Kamen Rider franchise thanks to Sean fellows this genre of show is known as tokusatsu it's basically people to transform into costume heroes becoming more powerful in the process sometimes their identities are secret and sometimes not common writers started off as a series of cyborg humans fighting against various evil organizations mainly the villainous shocker organization the character had a belt that helped him henshin or transform into a hero common right several games have spawned from the show including a game for the Famicom that was Kamen Rider but one of my favorites is Kamen Rider climax heroes for the PlayStation 2 but this game actually had a sequel which was Kamen Rider climax heroes for the PSP and this is the game that's on loan to me that will finish up on loan month it's a fighting game where you choose one of several Kamen Riders to see who's the strongest this game focuses on the Heisei era riders and actually came out in December of 2010 so it's still pretty recent by those terms here's the controls and don't forget that the accept button for Japanese PSP games is always going to be the circle button not the X button like it is in a US the d-pad moves your rider around boost your power by pressing and holding down you can block by pressing away from your opponent ask where is your light attack X is a heavy attack and circle is your special attack the left and right triggers are used to sidestep to jump press up and in a direction you can dash forward or backward by pressing the d-pad twice either towards your opponent or away from them you can do a grab attack by getting in close and pressing away from your opponent and the X button do a sliding attack by dashing and pressing X tap forward twice during an attack to cancel but you can't cancel out of a special attack the bar just below your health bar is the block meter blog too much to fill it up and your block gets broken free attack on you not good and you can do one of the common writer finishing moves if you have all four power bars filled and you press the triangle button if your writer can transform or use a special ability then that's what you'll use the analog stick for some characters need you to move the stick in a specific way like with o's you'll choose the medals for your henching by pressing left right up then you can finish it by pushing down you aren't the common writer you can obtain seen henching and each writer has their own specials as their power gauge goes up so it's important to learn them away like Kabuto can cause time to slow down for your opponent meter management is important in this game have a low meter you might not be able to pull something up if you switch weapons then you might need to use different attacks so learn as many attacks as you can when you play and somebody goes into their red bar then you can get into a climax time activate your super and mash the buttons to move the bar in your favour and do a special move and defeat your enemy oh my god ha ha – cream of potato now when you start the game you will choose which mode you want to play there's ragnarok mode the main gameplay mode arcade mode versus CPU for a single match versus a computer versus two player for PvP action training mode a gallery mode to see your unlockables and options you choose your writer choose your gimmick if there are multiple gimmicks and then the form that you will use your gimmick in and then you go into battle and that's pretty much it then it becomes just a regular fighting game in the ragnarok stage you go from point to point and battle baddies as well as other writers there's a bit of a storyline but it can be skipped for the most part but there is a way to do things here gray areas mean that they're safe and in red areas means that you're gonna battle you're gonna do a lot of battles in these stages sometimes they're just goons and minor bosses and sometimes they'll be bigger opponents like writers who don't know you from Adam and some of these have a time limit you can choose to continue onward use an item to boost your stats should you start to get low and finally you can choose to quit also you can only go one way on the map you can't travel backwards this means a lot of replayability even if you go back to an area after beating it it can be different and many times harder now it doesn't really play like any other fighting games out there well it's slightly reminiscent of dragon ball z budokai game but it's got a unique fighting system and is really a lot of fun to come this game will keep you busy for hours on end there's just so many unlockables and so many characters to play as the graphics are good and the gameplay isn't stiff at all the music is interesting there's a lot of voices in this game as well they're also going to be coming out with the Kamen Rider climax heroes wars later on in Japan this winter if you like this one you might want to even check that one now when I first played this game at Magfest Shaun and I both knew nothing of Kamen Rider and and we just didn't get the whole appeal and so this game really wasn't that interesting but now that I've seen the series and know of the characters then I must say that this game took on a whole new level of enjoyment for me now there were a couple of other games released that continued the style of climax heroes there was one for the weak and like I said one for the ps2 unfortunately because of region locking you really can't play the Wii one without a Japanese Wii but the ps2 game can be played on any console with a few simple modifications to your ps2 and a disc swap or you can put it onto a hard drive with an HD advanced disc but those are kind of hard to find anymore and you kind of need to own the game to do it legally but the PSP game is region free and works on any PSP yeah take a lesson from that 3ds oh I can't stay mad at you my little shnookums hey Yahnke i'ma finish the review I'm going upstairs to get a soda you want anything huh no no I'm okay man I'm okay dude you re on and why do I get a bad feeling about this you tourism portable it all zeros you're ruthless so still thank you home gets kind chose a hero's she be a double-layer 100 Cal the round – yellow street

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